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Department of Human Services

Adult and Aging Division


Find Support and Services for Ages 60+

Older adults, family members and caregivers, call to talk with a social worker trained to help you navigate the unique needs, life changes and challenges of aging

  • Get personalized referrals to programs that offer meals, transportation, public benefits and more, including follow-up support by phone
  • Get connected to daily wellness calls from friendly volunteers at Petaluma People Services Center and Catholic Charities
  • Services in English and Spanish, with other languages or communication accommodations arranged on request.

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To find more information and resources for older adults and others at high-risk of severe illness during the coronavirus emergency, visit

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Connect with Our Social Workers

Navigating for the future can be a complex task, and no one should have to figure out how to do that alone. Finding the right services can mean the difference between continuing to live safely at home and having to move to a nursing or residential facility.

Connect with an experienced social worker who can be your guide and offer follow-up support by phone and learn about local programs and benefits that can make life better, such as:

For a complete Sonoma County directory of services for older adults and persons of all ages with disabilities, see the Senior Resource Guide online or request a printed copy. Available in English or Spanish.

Adult Protection Hotline

Abuse and neglect affects many older and dependent adults in Sonoma County. Adult Protective Services (APS) responds to reports of abuse, neglect, exploitation and self-neglect involving older adults age 65+ and disabled, dependent adults age 18+.

Senior Resource Guide

The Sonoma County Senior Resource Guide / Guia De Recursos lists hundreds of local programs that are helpful to seniors, their families and their caregivers.