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Advisory Council to Area Agency on Aging

Minutes for September 5, 2018

senior hands together

Present:Jen Arent, Lea Black, Jenny Helman, Terry Kelley, Jim Redding, Diane Spain, Don Streeper
Absent: None
Staff: Paul Dunaway, Tracy Repp
Minutes: Victoria González-Allen

  1. Welcome: (Eisen) – meeting called to order at 10:02 AM all welcomed, introductions made.
  2. Approve June Executive Committee Meeting Minutes: (Eisen) (Action) – motion to approve the June 6, 2018 Executive Committee Minutes. Redding/Kelley (MSC) to approve minutes as presented; motion approved unanimously.
    Ayes – 7,
    Noes – 0,
    Abstentions: none
    • Legislative Committee May 9, 2018 meeting minutes – Motion to file draft Legislative Committee meeting minutes as prepared. Redding/Streeper (MSC) to accept as prepared by staff; motion approved unanimously.
      Ayes – 7,
      Noes – 0,
      Abstentions: none
    • Housing Committee April 10, 2018 meeting minutes – Motion to approve meeting minutes. Arent/Black (MSC) to approve minutes as presented; motion approved unanimously.
      Ayes – 7,
      Noes – 0,
      Abstentions: none
  3. Chair Report (Kelley)
    • Fiscal Year 2018/ 2019 Advisory Council Overview – (Kelley)
      • Continue identifying and advocating for areas needing change.
      • Review priorities to determine what can be done differently and what can remain the same.
      • Emphasize Advisory Council involvement with monitoring, highlighting its importance.
      • Address the attrition, retention and recruitment of new members; ensure exit interviews for all departing members are completed as some departing members have indicated responsibilities of AC membership not clear and not meeting expectations. Arent commented she had confusion on responsibilities when she joined. Repp to add to description of expectations to application process and will add additional information to AAA website.
    • Judith Eisen’s request for a 3 month leave of absence – September through November. Redding/Helman (MSC) to approve motion for Eisen for a three month leave of absence; motion approved unanimously. AYES – 7, NOES – 0, no abstentions.
    • Advisory Council Membership
      • Current membership status: 6 Vacancies: 5 At-Large, 1 Advisory Council District 5.
      • Black and Helman advised they will reach out for District 4 representation.
      • Member Jenny Helman will be appointed by the Board of Supervisors on September 11, 2018, District 4. Opens At-Large position.
      • Reviewed 4 Applications for decision to Advisory Council for appointment at the 9/19/18 (ACTION)
      • 2 applicants approved, 1 applicant will be asked back for a 2nd interview, 1 contacted for discussion of participating on the Housing Committee.
        • Spain/Black (MSC) motion approved unanimously. AYES – 7, NOES – 0, no abstentions
      • September AC Reappointments - Don Streeper – Advisory Council Reappointment for District 2, Diane Spain At-large reappointment, Jim Redding Board of Supervisors appointee reappointment.
    • Advisory Council Meetings Fiscal Year 2018/2019 Presentation Calendar – Repp distributed calendar. Decided to have presentations at meetings on as needed basis. Will discuss at full Advisory Council meeting for topic ideas.
    • Openings on Community Meetings – Change in full Advisory Council agenda structure. Need to find membership for California Senior Legislature (CSL) and Triple A Council of California (TACC) – move both items to Chair Report as standing items. Move AAA staffed meetings to Staff Report as standing items, (My Care My Plan (MCMP), and Transit-Paratransit Coordinating Committee (TPCC). Discussed removing other Community Meetings from full AC agenda to be reported out during Public Announcements. Repp to add informational sheet for CSL and TACC to AAA website.
    • November Advisory Council Meeting scheduled for November 21, 2018; reschedule to November 14, 2018.
  4. Director Report (Dunaway)
    • Increase in Older Americans Act Funding – The California Department of Aging sent a letter advising of upcoming increases in Older Americans Act funding.  Increase is approximately $400K keeping in mind that some funding is dedicated to specific Older Americans Act categorical titles and some for discretionary allocation to programs.  The beginning discussion of funding allocations recommendations will happen at the Planning & Funding Committee meeting on 9/5/18.
    • Board of Supervisors (BOS) approved $300,000 for Nutrition programs and contract amendments for all 3 nutrition providers have started.
    • On September 11, 2018 the Board of Supervisors will approve the Gold Resolution recognizing Falls Prevention Awareness week, November 22, 2018 through November 28, 2018.
    • Aging Together – Held planning meeting on 8/23 which included Supervisors Zane and Hopkins. Committee looked at accomplishments and created a plan for moving forward. Plan includes focusing on purposeful ways weaving intergenerational approaches to all community work; i.e. planning, initiatives, and infrastructure.
    • Giving Circle Application submitted to provide cultural competency training for caregivers for both for profit and not-for-profit senior services agencies “Care Access for LGBTQI Older Adults Project”. 
    • Katie Parrish accepted permanent position as the AAA Program Analyst.
  5. Committee Reports:
    • Housing (Arent) – Meeting on September 11, 2018 in process of regrouping from Workgroup to Committee.
    • Legislative (Redding) – Streeper agreed to be Fiscal Year 2018/2019 chair will be appointed at September 12, 2018 meeting.
    • Planning and Funding (Helman) – Meeting on September 5, 2018 at 1:00 PM. Will be voting on Fiscal Year 2018/2019 Chair; Helman agreed to be considered for chair position.
    • Transportation & Mobility (Kelley-Pro-Tem) – Fried may be interested chair position.
    • Speakers Bureau – Eisen has made a presentation at Sebastopol Rotary; would like to continue this type of community outreach with all members participating.
  6. Workgroup Reports:
    • Annual Planning Conference – Recap (Spain, Black, Kelley) – Kudos from group to Spain, Black and Kelley for organizing this successful event.
    • Newsletter (Kelley) – Future of Newsletter to be determined. Currently produced twice a year as an outreach tool. Spain is willing to assist. Need someone to manage content and layout and development of a mailing list and distribution plan. Discussed having newsletter be more like a AAA brochure with standard statistical and informational items about AAA work and have a rotating relevant “article of the times” such as housing or transportation, etc.
    • Review September 20, 2018 Draft Advisory Council Agenda: (Repp)
      • Add committee membership as an item
      • Remove Judith Eisen recognition
      • CSL, TACC place under Chair Report
      • Remove most community meetings
      • Add community meetings to Staff Report if AAA staff attend
      • Black, Streeper and Kelley not at next meeting
    • Motion to Adjourn (Action)
      • Motion to adjourn meeting; Spain/Redding (MSC) meeting adjourned at 11:56 AM

    Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 3, 2018