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Advisory Council to Area Agency on Aging

Draft Minutes for July 9, 2020

senior hands together

Present: Terry Kelley (Chair), Cynthia Scarborough (Vice Chair), Open (Secretary), Dorothy Fried, Jenny Helman, Rosa Reynoza, Judy Rice, Diane Spain, Don Streeper
Absent: Jim Redding
Non-Committee Advisory Council Member Attendees: None
Staff: Tracy Repp, Gary Fontenot
Minutes: Bron Anderson

  1. Welcome (Kelley) – Meeting called to order at 10:32 PM. All introductions made
  2. Approve June Executive Committee Meeting Minutes (Kelley)
      1. (Motion) Streeper/Black (MSC) to approve June 10, 2020 meeting minutes as corrected. Ayes – 9, Noes – 0, Abstentions – 0
  3. Chair Report (Kelley)
    • Welcome New Chairpersons: Diane Spain for Planning and Funding, Judy Rice for Civic Engagement, and Rosa Reynoza for Housing.
    • Advisory Council Recruitment
      • New member application for discussion
        • Applicant will be attending next Full Advisory Council meeting
    • Responses from 06/17/2020 Advisory Council Meeting (Discussion)
      • What can the council do with the list of needs in the county?
      • Rice – Civic Engagement spoke about how to address some issues. It is important to recognize our role. We are good drivers, but “somebody else has the wheel right now”.
      • Questions to answer: How to reach people without computers? How do we influence while the circumstances keep changing?
      • Committee finds is that it is difficult to get the information out
      • Questions can serve as a menu of options for AAA to craft a message around to have ready to go when opportunities present themselves
      • AAA can serve as a trusted source of information and reason
      • A list of “10 ways to get by during COVID” could be created.  Lists are an easy way to digest information
  4. Staff Updates (Fontenot and Repp)
    • Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) - Fontenot
      • ADRCs have been gaining traction in the nation over the last 10 years
      • The key component to an ADRC is the partnership between AAAs and Independent Living Centers (ILC) as well as a robust Information & Assistance component, which AAA has. Disability Services & Legal Center (DSLC) is the ILC for Sonoma County and are on board to partner with AAA to create an ADRC. Both agencies have protocols in place to refer services between Aging and Disabled populations
      • Presentation will be given to full AC at 07/15/2020 meeting
      • Next steps are to conduct a self-assessment to determine where there is overlaps and gaps between the two agencies
      • ADRC must have an advisory council, which will be comprised of Older adults and people with disabilities. Some members from the Advisory Council will be asked/encouraged to be members
    • C4A – directors of AAAs around California creating workgroups to present information about digital divide (access to services), Nutrition, and Social Isolation. When the papers with this information come out, they will be shared with AC members
    • County budget – County budget approval has been delayed until September due to COVID and State budget approval. Preliminary estimates are optimistic that the Adult & Aging Division will not see major funding cuts and staff reductions
    • Supervisor Zane has been having calls with AAA service providers during pandemic. Conversation has been focused recently on how older adult independent living communities (i.e. Oakmont, Bethlehem Towers, Mobile Home Parks) as well as Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), Assisted Living Facilities and Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFEs) can engage in social activities while physical distancing, and provide continued messaging on how to stay safe as constant reminders (hand washing, face coverings, 6ft physical distancing)
      • Fried – also important to inform how families can assist in getting to people in congregate living areas. Important to hear from not only the people in the communities, but their families as well.
      • Can the facilities include an enclosure with monthly bills or communication that could allow the family members to be contacted without breaking confidentiality agreements or HIPAA rules?
  5. Committee Reports (Kelley)
    • Housing Committee
      • Housing Committee is paying attention to local issues in Sonoma County during COVID-19 Pandemic. Paying close attention to a mobile home park that is working to be converted to affordable housing
    • Planning and Funding Committee
      • Katie Parrish, AAA Staff will be presenting information and progress on the upcoming Request for Proposals to the Planning and Funding Committee for their review and approval
      • CARES Act funding is expected to be received by 7/31/20. Funding is flexible that can be used for innovative ideas. Funding is to be spent by 09/2021
      • (Motion) Helman/Black (MSC) to Authorize Repp to add Planning and Funding agenda item to full Advisory Council Agenda. Approved Unanimously, AYES – 9, NOES – 0, Abstentions - 0
  6. Adjourn (Kelley)
    • Meeting Adjourned at 2:10 P