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Advisory Council to Area Agency on Aging

Civic Engagement Committee Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Judy Rice (Chair), Jenny Helman (Ex Officio), Hal King, Cynthia Scarborough, Alain Serkissian, Don Streeper, Deanna Shaat
Non-Committee Councilmembers in Attendance:
Seán Madison, Peter Holewinski
Legislative Aides and Public Influencers:
Crista Nelson (Senior Advocacy Services), Trayce Beards (Ombudsman Volunteer), Ciara Emery (Congressperson Huffman’s Office)
Vanessa Finnigan
Bron Anderson

  1. Welcome & Introductions (Rice)
    • Meeting begins at 10:32 AM, all welcomed and introductions made.
  2. Approval of May Civic Engagement Committee Meeting Minutes (Rice)
    • (Motion) to approve March 2021 Civic Engagement Committee Meeting Minutes as corrected. King/Serkissian (MSC): Ayes – 7, Noes – 0, Abstentions – 0
  3. Report Outs from Committee Members and Others (All)
    • Nelson – June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month. Event will take place in Oakmont on June 15 to bring awareness
    • Emery (Huffman’s Office)
      • Bill to make sure that older adults and people with disabilities are taken care of during disasters. Creates an advisory committee to help develop the practices
      • Working on protecting Social Security benefits
  4. Election of New Committee Chair
    • (Motion) to nominated Haldane King as Civic Engagement Committee chair. Ayes – 6, Noes – 0, Abstentions – 1
  5. California Senior Legislation (Finnigan)
    • Finnigan shares information about being a Senior Legislator representing Sonoma County
    • Would be an option for the Civic Engagement Committee to promote as the world starts to reopen
    • Could be an advisory council member or a person from the community
  6. Committee Achievements
    • Housing List nearly complete
    • Elevator pitch continues to need work
    • Notes from previous planning meeting can still be useful for the future of the Civic Engagement committee
  7. Future Planning for Committee
    • Could disaster planning be a good place to focus for messaging and advocacy?
      • Nelson – A number of efforts going on at the Ombudsman level to help train assisted living centers and residents during disasters
      • Could Civic Engagement help to make SoCo Emergency website better for older adults to use?
      • Distributing or pointing to materials that assist with Disaster prep is important and must be done far prior to disasters
    • King – Social Media engagement, trying to see the whole picture of the county services, and finding out for what this committee can advocate
  8. Adjourn – Meeting Adjourned at 11:50 AM

 Next Meeting: Thursday September 2, 2021 – 10:30AM.