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Advisory Council to Area Agency on Aging

Advisory Council to Area Agency on Aging

The Area Agency of Aging Advisory Council advises the Board of Supervisors on issues and concerns affecting seniors (60 years and over) and adults with disabilities in Sonoma County.

Responsibilities include:

  • Planning
  • Funding
  • Advocacy
  • Program Development
  • Coordination of existing services.

More details including authority, vacancies, duties, membership composition, compensation and terms

Next Meeting

Wednesday June 15, 2022

1:00 p.m.

Join Zoom Meeting

Or Call in if no computer

(669) 900-9128

Meeting ID: 835 5862 5127

Passcode: 243509


All listed times are approximate and are subject to change.  Agenda items are scheduled for consideration by

the Advisory Council, which may or may not choose to take action. 

Breaks may be called at the discretion of the Chair.


(1:00)           Welcome and Introductions (Helman)


                     Reading of the World Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness Month Board of

                     Supervisors’  Proclamation

(1:20)            PRESENTATION: Results Based Accountability (RBA)Joni Huntsperger

                     Analyst for the Human Services Department, Planning, Research, Evaluation, and

                     Engagement (PREE) 

 (1:50)           Approve May 18, 2022 Advisory Council Committee Minutes (Helman-Action)

                    Chair Report (Helman)

  1. Reminder: No Meetings in July and August – Next Meeting 9/21/22
  2. AC Social Gathering
  3. AAA Bylaws (Action Item)
  4. Future of Remote Meetings (Standing Item)

(2:10)            Correspondence (Scarborough)

(2:10)           Staff Update (Dunaway)

  1. Aging Together
  2. Budgets (Local, State, Federal)

(2:15)            American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding (Repp)

(2:25)            Public Comments

(2:40)            Committee Reports (Helman)

  1. Civic Engagement - (Reynoza)
  2. Planning and Funding - (Spain)

(3:00)           Adjourn

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