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Zika Virus

Zika virus disease is often so mild people don’t know they have it. However, Zika infection during pregnancy can cause birth defects. Also there have been increased reports of an uncommon sickness of the nervous system in areas affected by Zika. Zika spreads from person to person through mosquito bites. People can also get Zika through sex with a man infected with Zika and it can spread from a pregnant woman to her fetus.

Zika virus is circulating in South America, Central America, the Caribbean and other countries including Mexico. The mosquitoes that spread Zika are not in Sonoma County. At present, Sonoma County residents who travel to areas with Zika and those who have sex with men who have traveled are at risk for Zika virus disease. With the recent outbreaks in the Americas, the number of Zika cases among travelers and their sexual partners will increase.

For Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant or expecting to become pregnant, you must understand your risk of getting Zika virus disease and how to protect yourself and your baby. Read these travel guidelines from the CDC, especially if you or your partner are planning to visit an area that has the Zika virus.

Resources for Sonoma County Clinicians

Zika Materials and Information