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Patient Profiles

Corky The Dog


Corky, a Jack Russell Terrier/Fox Terrier mix, came to live with us in 2004. He was adopted from the Humane Society of Mendocino County, so he was neutered of course. It is a state law that all cats and dogs are altered before being adopted from an animal shelter. Corky is really smart, but often uses it for mischief if I don't keep him busy and tired. I'm his favorite human, and he's my favorite canine. I miss him if we're apart for too long, and find it hard to fall asleep if he's not next to me, by my feet. When I go back to teaching school in August, the days seem long when we're not hanging out together. Corky's not just a dog, he's a little soul wrapped in fur, with soulful brown eyes; he's my best bud.

Issa The Dog


Issa, a 10 year old Chihuahua, was part of the package when I met my wife six years ago. She had Issa for about a year before we met. A family member wanted to breed Issa, so my wife took Issa to the vet and had her spayed when the family member was at work. My wife knew that there are a lot of pets that need homes already. My wife and I now have two others, a Chihuahua and a Pit Bull, but it is Issa who rules the roost. She takes charge of the food, blankets and everything else that is important. Issa's favorite treat is baby carrots, but her favorite thing in the whole world is warm blankets. Whenever she sees a laundry basket of warm clothes or anything, she goes crazy, jumping and acting like a total goofball.

Kali the Dog


Kali was adopted by me and my family when she was just eight weeks old. We wanted just one dog and certainly not a litter, so we had Kali spayed. Even though she plays in a fenced backyard, we did not want to take the risk of another dog getting her pregnant. Kali is so smart that she potty trained herself. No one ever had to teach or coax her to only go outside. She would spin in circles by the back door until someone let her out. Kali loves to play chase with the kids and she enjoys playing with other nice dogs. Her favorite treats are hot dogs and doggie sausages. Kali sleeps in my son's room. She is too big for the bed, so she sleeps on the floor right next to the bed at night. During the day when my son is not in bed, Kali gets to sleep on the bed.