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Momma Fix

Our Momma-Fix program helps Sonoma County residents by offering a free spay surgery to your adult dog or cat when you relinquish your litter of puppies or kittens to the shelter. We'll provide medical wellness, spay/neuter and care to the little ones and begin working to find them loving homes. And you'll keep the adult cat or dog as your beloved companion. Appointments are offered weekly and are required.

How to Qualify

  1. Be a Sonoma County resident.
  2. Have an unaltered dog or cat with a litter of puppies or kittens (2 months or older).
  3. Be willing to relinquish the litter of puppies or kittens to Sonoma County Animal Services.
  4. Be able to pay your license fee (required for all dogs over 4 months old).

How to Apply

Call (707) 565-7100 during regular shelter hours to make the next available appointment.

Co-Pay Fees

There is no co-pay for this program. You will only be required to pay your dog license fee, if applicable.


Listen to our Jingle!

Our radio ad encourages pet owners to spay or neuter their pets.