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Department of Health Services

Sonoma County Animal Services

Report a Barking Dog

Who Do I Call?

The location of the barking dog determines who you need to call to report a barking dog. When you call, please be prepared to provide your name and the exact street address of the dog's residence. We will send a letter advising the dog owner of the ordinance against permitting a dog to bark in a way that limits the reasonable comfort of the community, offering guidance for rectifying the situation, and specifying possible consequences of non-compliance with the ordinance.

  • City of Santa Rosa and Unincorporated Sonoma County
    Sonoma County Animal Services
    (707) 565-7100
  • City of Cloverdale
    Cloverdale Police Department
    (707) 894-2150
  • City of Cotati
    Cotati Police Department
    (707) 792-4611
  • City of Healdsburg
    Healdsburg Police Department
    (707) 431-3346
  • City of Petaluma
    North Bay Animal Services 
    (707) 762-6227
  • City of Rohnert Park
    Rohnert Park Police Department
    (707) 584-2600
  • City of Sebastopol
    Sebastopol Police Department
    (707) 829-4400
  • Town of Windsor
    North Bay Animal Services 
    (707) 762-6227