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Community Cats


Community Cats are cats who are not tame and are afraid of people (feral cats) or cats who are friendly but don't seem to have a human caretaker.

Community Cats are everyone’s responsibility. This Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program helps control our animal population and is free to you!

Carefully trap your local un-owned cat(s) and bring them to our shelter during regular business hours. We’ll spay or neuter the cat(s) at no cost to you. You’ll pick them up after surgery and re-release them back into your community where they can no longer reproduce.

No appointment is required but we’d love a heads-up when you’re on your way.

Community Cat Update

Due to lack of space, we are unable to accept healthy community cats at this time. If you have trapped cats that are not friendly or handleable, please contact Forgotten Felines: (707) 576-7999 or If you have trapped cats that are sick or injured, please call our main line at (707) 565-7100.

How to Qualify

  1. Be a Sonoma County resident.
  2. Be able to trap your local Community Cat(s). Need help trapping? Call our partners at Forgotten Felines.
  3. Be able to pick-up and re-release Community Cat(s) following spay or neuter surgery.

How to Apply

Visit or call during normal business hours.Call (707) 565-7100 during regular shelter hours to make the next available appointment.

Co-pay Fees

There is no co-pay for this program. 


Please contact us at (707) 565-7100 or email

Learn more about Trap-Neuter-Release.