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Continuum of Care Board Roster

Continuum of Care 500

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Board is the governing body that determines policy and acts as the CoC’s decision-making group.

CoC Board Roster 2023

City of Santa Rosa Seat:

  • Natalie Rogers, City of Santa Rosa

City of Petaluma Seat:

  • Dennis Pocekay, City of Petaluma

Board of Supervisors Seat:

  • Chris Coursey, BOS County of Sonoma

County of Sonoma Seat:

  • Martha Cheever, Sonoma County Community Development Commission

Northern Region Seat:

  • Margaret Sluyk, Reach for Home

Sonoma Valley Seat:

  • Jack Ding, City of Sonoma

Western Region Seat:

  • Una Glass, City of Sebastopol

Rohnert Park and Cotati Seat:

  • Jackie Elward, City of Rohnert Park

Largest Homeless Services Agency Seat:

  • Jennielynn Holmes, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa

Homeless Service Provider Seat:

  • Mark Krug, Burbank Housing Management Corporation

Licensed Health Care Organization Seat:

  • Benjamin Leroi, Santa Rosa Community Health

Adult Lived Experience Seat:

  • Chessy Etheridge, Community Member

TAY Lived Experience Seat:

  • Cheyenne McConnell, Community Member

Homeless Advocacy Organization Seat:

  • Dannielle Danforth, West County Community Services

At Large Seat:

  • Don Schwartz, City of Rohnert Park
  • Chris Keys, Redwood Gospel Mission
  • Kathleen Pozzi, Community Member