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Check out the County employees Facebook page

Published: April 01, 2020

The purpose of this page is to serve as a meeting place and exchange board to request and provide information, goods and resources for all County of Sonoma employees in response to emergency situations. The purpose is for this group to be a safe place for you to communicate with your County family and assist each other.

Human Resources will also use this page as way to distribute communication and information to County employees, and ensure awareness of services offered through the Employee Assistance Program and any other programs we believe might be of interest to employees at this time. 

This is a closed group that can only be accessed by County of Sonoma employees.

If you are a current County employee, we recommend that you submit a request to join the group. Once we have confirmed your employment with the County, your request will be approved and you will have access to the page. Additionally, please inform other County employees about this group so we can convey this useful information to as many employees as possible. 

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