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Geysers Road Storm Damage Repair C11604, C11605 & C21602

TPW Roads 750

Project Description

This project consists of repairs at three separate sites along Geysers Road. The slide damage occurred during the 2017 January and February Winter Storms. The repairs will include construction of retaining walls extending across the width of the landslides. Other work includes roadway repairs and drainage improvements. Minor clearing and grubbing at the edge of pavement will be performed as needed. No night work is proposed.

Tree removal work is scheduled in February 2021 between Monday 8th and Friday 12th.

See Sites Location Map (PDF)

Award Status Project C11604, C11605 & C21602

Bid Opening Date: 09/05/2020


Bid ResultsPosted Bid Results - Geysers Rd 3 Sites
Bid TabulationPosted Bid Tab - Geysers Rd 3 Sites
Notice of Intent to AwardPosted Notice of Intent to Award - Geysers Rd 3 Sites
Submitted Bid Books (ranked)Posted  
  1 Gordon N Ball Inc
  2 Granite Construction
  3 Team Ghilotti Inc
  4 Bridgeway Civil Constructors
  5 REGE Construction Inc
  6 Ghilotti Construction Inc
  7 Ghilotti Bros Inc
  8 Argonaut Construction
  9 Stewart Engineering
  10 Steelhead Construction
  11 TerraCon Construction
 AwardAward Date 10/05/20Approval Date