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2020 OBAG 2 River Road Pavement Rehabilitation Project (C14051)

TPW Roads 750

County Project C14051
Federal Aid Project STPL 5920(167)

Status: Complete

Project Description

The scope of the proposed construction work will include conform grinding, removal and replacement of failed asphalt in localized areas (digouts), striping removal, installation of thermoplastic striping, installation of bicycle signage, shoulder backing, guard rail improvements, culvert rehabilitation, utility cover adjustments and traffic control.

Following the repair of the existing asphalt pavement, the entire roadway (edge of pavement to edge of pavement) will be paved with a layer of asphalt concrete. Following paving a center line rumble strip that is 5 inches wide will be placed. Where adequate width is present, River Road will be striped for Class 2 bicycle lanes.

About the Treatments

Asphalt Concrete Overlay (AC Overlay) consists of mineral aggregate bound together with asphalt, laid in layers, and compacted. The most common type used on streets and highways is Hot Mix Asphalt (commonly abbreviated as HMA).

Hot Mix Asphalt Overlay is regarded by most road departments as a standard for road maintenance and restoration, and has been for several decades. It produces durable, long-lasting results, and can increase pavement life by 15 years or more. Combined with other processes, such as milling or grinding of old pavement, an AC overlay can transform a tattered road surface into a like-new condition.

Project Location

River Road (Road ID 8802B) – Trenton Healdsburg Road to just west of SMART tracks: 4.83 miles

Award Status Project C14051

Bid Opening Date: 05/12/2020


Bid ResultsPosted5/21/20 C14051 Bid Results
Bid TabulationPosted5/12/20 C14051 Bid Tab
Notice of Intent to AwardRequested5/21/20 C14051 NOI
Submitted Bid Books (ranked)Posted  
1  Bid Book- Ghilotti Construction
2  Bid Book - Team Ghilotti
3  Bid Book - Ghilotti Bros.
4  Bid Book - Argonaut
5  Bid Book - OC Jones
6  Bid Book - Granit