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Lakeville Rumble Strip and Enhanced Striping (C18015)


General Work Description: 

Project Description: The work to be done consists, in general of placement of ground-in centerline and edgeline rumble strips with associated flagging, traffic control, and preparation required to construct the work, along with delineation of the new pavement surface, and such other items or details, not mentioned above, that are required by the Standard Specifications, or these Special Provisions shall be performed, placed, constructed or installed. The majority of work to be done shall occur at night.

Project Location:
The project site is located on Lakeville Road, Petaluma, California between State Route 37 and State Route 116 – Sonoma County Postmile 10.02 to 16.95.

Working Days: 60
Completion Date: Fall 2019

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Project Map