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Transportation and Public Works

2013 Projects


Arnold Drive Roundabout

Replacement of an all-way stop signed intersection with a single lane roundabout, sidewalks, landscape and hardscape at the intersection of Arnold Drive and Agua Caliente Road in Agua Caliente, CA.


2012 Asphalt Overlay Program

Overlays of various County roads including but not limited to rubberized asphalt concrete overlay of roadway, adjusting utility covers, adjusting guard rails, applying striping installing delineators, repairing pavement structural section, cold planing, shoulder backing, asphalt dikes, and parking bumpers.


2012 Lakeville Road Tree Pruning & Removal

Removal of approximately seventeen (17) eucalyptus trees, stump grinding, and pruning of approximately seventy two (72) eucalyptus trees.


2013 Maintenance Chip Seals

As part of the 2013 Pavement Preservation Program, Sonoma County's Road Maintenance crews apply a chip seal treatment to a select group of County roads.


2013 Pavement Preservation Program - Bonded Wearing Course

Placement of a Bonded Wearing Course (Gap Graded, 3/8" Maximum Aggregate), on various County Roads together with associated flagging, traffic control and preparation required to construct the work, along with delineation of the new pavement surface.


Porter Creek Road Bridge Replacement Project

Replacement of the existing bridge at Porter Creek with a 62-foot-wide by 160-foot-long single span concrete box girder bridge, along with widening of the approach roadways and construction of a left turn lane at Franz Valley Road.


West Avenue, Sheppard, Roseland Elementary/Middle School Safe Routes to School Project

The work to be done consists, in general, of constructing curb ramps, bulb outs, lighted pedestrian signs; installation of new sidewalk, curb and gutter, and pavement markings and striping.