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Transportation and Public Works

2012 Projects


Annapolis Road Bridge Seismic Retrofit

Construction of earthquake upgrades for portions of the Annapolis Road Bridge over the Wheatfield Fork of the Gualala River.


Arnold Drive Shoulder Improvements and Overlay

Road surface overlay, shoulder widening, construction of retaining walls and guard rail, and such other items or details that are required by the Plans and Standard Specifications.


Burbank Avenue Pedestrian Path

Construction of 900 linear feet of 5-foot wide asphalt concrete pedestrian pathway, separated from the roadway by an asphalt concrete berm on the west side of Burbank Avenue from Hughes Avenue to Sebastopol Road and approximately 2,500 linear feet of pedestrian pathway extending south from the school parcel along the easterly side to the existing cross walk at Hearn Avenue.


Fort Ross Road Slide Repair

Repair and reconstruction of roadway damaged by landslide.


2012-2013 Rural Road Safety - Striping Various County Roads

The work to be done consists, in general, of placement of traffic stripes and pavement markers required to construct the work.


Western Avenue Bike Shoulder Widening

Modification of the storm drain system, constructing or replacing curb, gutter and sidewalk, reconstruct driveway, asphalt dike, and full depth asphalt concrete shoulder concrete shoulder widening on Western Avenue, overlay, and such other items or details that are required by the Plans and Specifications.