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Transportation and Public Works

2010 Projects


Alexander Valley Road Box Headwall

Construction of a concrete box culvert, corrugated metal pipe culvert extensions, and a pipe headwall.


Futon Sidewalk Project

Roadway reconstruction; installation of new sidewalk, curb and gutter, and curb ramps; and related drainage improvements.


Highway 12 Corridor Improvement Project - Phase II, Stage 1

Construction of shoulder widening, curb, gutter and sidewalk and pedestrian lighting, traffic striping and traffic signals and other improvements as shown on the plans.


2010 Pavement Preservation Program

Placement of a Bonded Wearing Course (Gap Graded, 3/8” Maximum Aggregate), on various County Roads.


Penngrove Sidewalk Improvements

Facility improvements along the west side of Main Street in the town of Penngrove from the intersection of Old Redwood Highway to the intersection with Adobe Road, including street lighting, sidewalks, and general ADA accessibility improvements.


River Road Slide Repair

Repair and restoration to roadway damaged by landslide on River Road.


Signalization of Sebastopol Road at Burbank Avenue

Installation of traffic signal lighting at the intersection of Sebastopol Road and Burbank Avenue, as well as reconstruction of curb ramps to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility standards.


Sonoma Mountain Slide Repair

Repair to landslide on Sonoma Mountain Road, caused by 2005/2006 storm season.