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Housing Authority Regulatory Waivers

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In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, PIH Notice 2020-05, issued on April 10, 2020, set forth regulatory waivers to provide flexibility to Housing Authorities during the pandemic. The Sonoma County Housing Authority (Housing Authority) intends to utilize several of these waivers to provide continuity of operations while doing everything possible to preserve the health and safety of Housing Authority clients, the community, and Housing Authority staff. 

Regulatory Waivers which will be utilized for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, the Mainstream Voucher Program, the Family Self-Sufficiency Program and the Family Unification Program are listed here. A full description of the regulatory waivers and the corresponding time-frame in which the waivers are available is in included at the end of this list. 

  1. Delayed Annual Examinations
  2. Income Verification Requirements
  3. Self-Certification of Housing Authority Client Income
  4. Enterprise Income Verification Monitoring
  5. Extension of Family Self-Sufficiency Contracts of Participation
  6. Public Notice of the Opening and Closing of Waitlists
  7. Delay of Annual and Biennial Housing Quality Standard Inspection
  8. Alternate Housing Quality Standard Inspection Format for Initial Lease Ups and Project Based Voucher turn-over inspections when no life-threatening deficiencies are present
  9. Alternate method and requirements for interim Housing Quality Standards inspections
  10. Waiver of initial inspection requirement when a Project Based Voucher (PBV) unit is added or substituted on a PBV Contract
  11. Temporary suspension of Housing Quality Standard quality control inspections
  12. Temporary suspension of space and security standards when a unit is over-occupied
  13. Informal adoption of changes to the Administrative Plan
  14. Alternative methods for conducting Oral Briefings
  15. Flexibility with the extension of vouchers
  16. Additional time between when a HAP contract is executed and Housing Authority of assisted tenancy (increased to 120 days)
  17. Flexibility to the time a household is allowed to be absent from the unit
  18. Ability to apply increased payment standards between annual reexaminations
  19. Flexibility on timing for Housing Authority review and adjustment of Utility Schedule
  20. Additional time (until 26th birthday) for Family Unification Program – Youth to enter into a Housing Assistance Payment contract for the first time

Below is a full description of regulatory waivers which will be utilized by the Sonoma County Housing Authority as made available in PIH Notice 2020-05.

View Full Use of Regulatory Waivers Memorandum(PDF: 348 kB)