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Energy and Sustainability for Businesses

Energy and Sustainability

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Consulting and Project Planning

Our staff will work with you to identify the right energy efficiency improvement project for your business. We will:

  • Conduct a consultation to better understand your needs,
  • Work with auditors to perform a site assessment,
  • Provide information about your building performance, and
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities.

Whether it is a retrofit project, a new site analysis or helping you to consider your options, we can provide you with technical and analytical support!

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Green Business Certification

The Energy and Sustainability office offers technical assistance to help businesses evaluate their current practices and implement initiatives to save energy, water and be more sustainable. 

Upon meeting the criteria standards for your specific industry, a State of California-recognized third party certification will be issued.

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Financing Available for Energy and Water Saving Projects

Whether you're considering implementing an energy efficiency, water conservation or renewable energy project, the Energy and Sustainability office will help you compare financing options available. 

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

PACE is a financing mechanism that enables low-cost, long-term funding for energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation projects.  PACE financing is repaid as an assessment on the property's regular tax bill.  PACE can be used for residential, commercial and some non-profits.

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On-Bill Financing

Eligible business customers may qualify for loans between $5,000 and $100,000, with loan periods up to 60 months with no-interest.  To qualify, a project's estimated monthly energy cost savings must be sufficient to repay the loan within the maximum loan term limits.

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Recycle Market Development Zone (RMDZ)

RMDZ program offers low-interest loans and assistance to businesses to divert waste from the landfills by creating products from discarded materials.

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Rebates and Incentives

There are an array of energy management solutions to help commercial and industrial customers save energy and money. 

  • Energy Efficiency Rebates pay customers cash back when they buy and install energy-efficient equipment such as building envelope improvements, efficient motors and pumps, and improved lighting.
  • Energy savings-based incentives and design assistance are available for customers and/or their project sponsors who complete customized energy efficiency projects. Total incentive payments are based on actual reductions in energy usage.

Our office will work with you to determine the best programs to fit your needs.

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Site Visits and Audits

The Energy and Sustainability office offers a variety of commercial audit services both in-house and through third-party programs. 

Energy Audits

The Energy and Sustainability Division offers free commercial energy evaluations. These evaluations will give you a clear understanding of your energy use and how to save money on your energy bill.

The auditor will give you a full customized report to show you your best available incentives and rebates to help cover the cost of the upgrade.

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Waste Audits

In partnership with the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency, we offer free commercial waste audits.

The audit will result in a waste characterization study, helping you to understand your waste stream and offer you advice for properly setting up and managing your waste system. 

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Water Audits

The Energy and Sustainability Division works with the local water providers and the Sonoma County Water Agency to provide free commercial water audits.

The audit report will show you available rebates and resources for installing water efficiency upgrades, offer you a comprehensive look at your water use and help you to save money on your bill.

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