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Human Resources Department

Recruitment & Classification Division

Performance Management

Human Resources Recruitment & Classification 750

Recruitment and Classification Analysts assist departments in managing performance management issues, including release from probation, performance improvement plans, and performance evaluations. Contact your department's assigned R&C Analyst for more information and assistance regarding performance management.

Performance Evaluations 

Performance evaluations are essential in developing and maintaining a shared understanding of expectations for each position so that the organization’s mission and goals can be achieved. Please review the County Administrative Policy Manual regarding Performance Evaluations and contact your department’s R&C Analyst regarding any questions related to performance evaluations and performance management.

Personnel Files

Personnel Files are to be retained by departments in accordance with the County’s Common Accounting and Administrative Records Retention (CAAR) Schedule. The CAAR schedule is located on the County Intranet under Information Systems Department, Records Management, Records & Information Management, Records Retention, Records Retention Schedules.

Please contact your department’s R&C Analyst regarding any questions related to personnel files and review the Guidelines for Managment and Access of Employee Records located in SharePoint.

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