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Human Resources Department

Western Council of Engineers (WCE)

2018 - 2019 WCEMemorandum of Understanding: Article 21: Vacations

Western Council of Engineers

21.1 Vacation - Maximum Accumulation

Each employee shall accrue and may use vacation leave with full pay providing that the maximum accumulation shall be no more than as specified in Section 21.3.

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21.2 Vacation - Part-Time Employees

Part-time employees shall accrue vacation leave on a pro-rata basis. Usage and accrual shall be governed by the same rules and regulations applicable to full-time employees.

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21.3 Vacation - Accrual

Each employee who has completed the following in-service hours shall accrue vacation leave at the appropriate rate shown below. In-service hours include all hours in paid status excluding overtime up to a maximum of eighty (80) per pay period.

Rates shown below will be adjusted to reflect any unpaid time in each pay period.

Years of Completed
Full-Time Service
Service Hours of Completed Service Rate for 80 In-Service Hour Per Pay Period Maximum Accumulated Hours
0 through 20.0 - 4,1733.72280
2 through 34,174 - 6,2604.33280
3 through 46,261 - 8,3474.64280
4 through 58,348 - 10,4344.94280
5 through 1010,435 – 20,8705.25280
10 through 1520,871 – 31,3056.48280
15 through 2031,306 – 41,7417.09280
20 through 2541,742 – 52,1777.70280
25 or greater52,178 or more8.01280

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21.4 Vacation – Credit Upon Reappointment

Each employee with 10,435 in-service hours (five (5) or more years) who resigned in good standing and is reappointed within two (2) years shall be credited with all prior continuous service less 4,174 in-service hours (two (2) years) for purposes of new vacation accrual. Each employee with 10,435 in-service hours (five (5) or more years) who is laid off and who is reappointed within two (2) years, shall be credited for vacation accrual purposes with the same number of in-service hours as the employee had accrued at the time of layoff.

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21.5 Vacation Schedules

Vacation schedules shall be arranged by department heads with particular regard to the needs of the service, and whenever possible, with regard to the wishes of the employee. Every effort shall be made to arrange vacation schedules so that each employee will take as much vacation in each year as accrues to the employee in that year. Each employee's vacation time may be so divided as the needs of the service require or permit. No employee may take vacation without advance approval of the department head or appointing authority. No employee may take vacation leave in advance of that actually accumulated at the time such leave is taken.

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21.6 Payment for Unused

Each employee who is separated from the County service shall be entitled to payment in lieu of all unused vacation leave which the employee may have accumulated as of the employee's last day of work and shall be computed on the basis of such employee's base hourly rate at the time of termination.

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21.7 Vacation Purchase Plan

Each eligible full- and part-time employee may elect to purchase up to forty (40) hours of vacation leave each calendar year during his/her first five (5) years of permanent, probationary, or unclassified employment in a regularly allocated position. Vacation purchased shall not exceed two hundred (200) hours. Eligibility will start from the employee’s first in-service hour with the County of Sonoma. Eligibility will end upon completion of 10,435 in-service hours. Each eligible employee must submit a signed vacation purchase plan agreement to his/her Payroll Clerk. Upon receipt the employee’s future bi-weekly salary will be reduced by a minimum of two (2) hour increments until the purchase plan agreement has been fulfilled. Purchased vacation will be posted to the employees leave balance upon purchase and will be available to the employee the pay period following purchase. All purchases of vacation must be completed prior to the end of the calendar year in which the employee reaches the in-service hours of 10,435. The additional vacation purchased is subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Purchased vacation must be taken before accrued vacation in Section 21.
  2. Purchased vacation is subject to the maximum accumulation limits and usage in Section 21.3.
  3. Purchased vacation is subject to the same provisions in Section 21.5.
  4. Purchased vacation hours when taken as time off will not be included in paid status hours for purposes of shift pay and premium pay.
  5. Vacation Purchased will be paid off at the employee’s base hourly rate at the time of termination.

Part-time employees will be eligible to purchase vacation time on a pro-rata basis.

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