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Human Resources Department

Service Employees’ International Union - Local 1021 (SEIU)

<p><abbr title="Service Employees' International Union">SEIU</abbr> Labor Negotiations Summary</p>

Published: March 08, 2018

County and SEIU representatives met yesterday for the parties’ second bargaining session.  The meeting began with Christina Rivera, Assistant County Administrator, revisiting the County’s December 12 estimated post-disaster fiscal condition and answering SEIU's questions.  Christina shared the FEMA reimbursement process, and State and Federal updates. Following Christina’s fiscal overview, SEIU submitted proposals for revisions to MOU sections on Extra-Help, Union Rights, Management Rights, Overtime, Expenses and Reimbursements, Staff Development, and Sick Leave. 

The parties’ intend to have all proposals on the table by the end of the next bargaining session on March 14, 2018, at which time the County will provide its initial response to SEIU's proposals.