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Human Resources Department

Service Employees’ International Union - Local 1021 (SEIU)

<p><abbr title="County of Sonoma"></abbr><abbr title="Service Employees' International Union">SEIU </abbr>Labor Negotiations Update</p><p> </p>

Published: March 15, 2018

County and SEIU representatives met for the third time on March 14, 2018. 

SEIU began the session by submitting proposals on Article 14 - Holidays, Article 15 – Vacation, and Article 19 - Bargaining Unit and Special Provisions. The County provided responses to SEIU proposals on Article 3 - Definitions, Article 4 - Union Rights, and  Article 10 - Expenses. The County also submitted a formal written proposal for extension of the labor agreement consistent with the offer made to the Labor Coalition, which is to maintain the status quo in terms of existing terms and conditions of employment, for the County to absorb medical premium increases during the term of the extension, and to revise retiree medical insurance language to remove reference to the management employees salary and benefits resolution.   

After a caucus, SEIU submitted proposals on Article 18 - Miscellaneous Provisions, Article 8 - Salaries and Article 15 - Health and Welfare Benefits. SEIU advised that they will submit their anticipated final proposal addressing Article 9 - Special Assignment Premiums at the parties next bargaining session scheduled for March 28thCounty staff needs to formally cost SEIU’s economic proposals, but for salary and health benefits alone, SEIU is seeking on-going increases totaling more than 9% of total compensation for two years.