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Human Resources Department

Sonoma County Prosecutors’ Association (SCPA)

<p><abbr title="Sonoma County Prosecutors Association ">SCPA</abbr> Labor Negotiations Summary </p>

Published: September 05, 2018

The County of Sonoma and Sonoma County Prosecutors Association (SCPA) met on August 31, 2018 as part of the impasse procedures.  The bargaining teams were able to reach a Tentative Agreement which balances the desire of the Board of Supervisors to maintain fiscal discipline while acknowledging the important contributions of our valued employees.  The key elements of the package are:

  • A one-time, non-recurring pensionable payment of approximately 2% of salary and salary-related benefits.
  • Stabilization of employee out-of-pocket costs for healthcare, with the County paying the recent increase in premiums.
  • Suspension of dental premiums.
  • Eight week Paid Parental Leave benefit, which recognizes the importance of supporting families and bonding with a new child, and will also assist the County with retention.
  • The Cesar Chavez holiday to honor and celebrate his important work on civil rights for laborers.
  • A new 8-hour floating holiday per calendar year, to provide more flexibility for employees to observe a holiday of their choice.
  • Agreement on which entities the County will analyze to review the competitiveness of the salary and benefits provided to the County’s deputy district attorneys.
  • Language that decouples management benefits from retirees.

The County sincerely appreciates the work of the SCPA bargaining team. The County’s understanding is that SCPA members will vote on this agreement soon.