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Human Resources Department

Engineers and Scientists of California (ESC)

2018 - 2019 ESCMemorandum of Understanding: Article 5: Salaries

Engineers & Scientists of California

5.1 Salary Scales

The salary scales shown in Appendix A, of this Memorandum will be applicable to employees in this unit.

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Benchmark and Related Classifications including negotiated salary relationships are shown in Appendix B.

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5.3 Salary Increases

Effective the first full pay period following Board of Supervisors’ adoption of this successor MOU, the County shall increase by three percent (3%) the A - I steps of each scale in the Salary Table specified in Appendix A.

Effective with the first full pay period in March 2017, the County shall increase by three percent (3%) the A - I steps of each scale in the Salary Table specified in Appendix A.

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5.4 Hourly Cash Allowance

The County shall pay each permanent full and part time employee, in addition to their hourly regular earning rate from the salary schedule, a cash allowance of $3.45 per pay status hour that the employee is in paid status excluding overtime, up to a maximum of eighty (80) hours in a pay period (or approximately a maximum of $600.00 per month). 

Such hourly cash allowance is compensation for services rendered in that pay-period and shall be taken into account for the purposes of computing employees' final compensation for pension purposes, as well as all usual taxation as their regular earning rate from the salary schedule.  It shall not be included on the salary schedule and shall not be impacted by future increases on the salary schedule. It is not intended as a supplement toward medical, dental, or any other insurance or benefit.

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5.5 One-Time, Lump Sum, Non-Recurring and Pensionable Payments

  1. Effective with the pay period that begins November 6, 2018, each regular, full time, active employee shall receive a one-time, lump sum, pensionable, and non-recurring payment in the amount of two-thousand six-hundred eighty-one dollars ($2,681) to those employees in active status as of the last day of the pay period and prorated based on allocated FTE. 
  2. Each employee in the following classifications on the date of Board adoption of this agreement shall receive two lump sum payments, each in the amount of seven-hundred eighteen dollars and fifty cents ($718.50), the first on the pay date of November 28, 2018 and the second on the pay date of July 24, 2019.  The payments will be prorated based on allocated FTE.  Eligible classifications are: AODS Counselor I/II/III (2682/2683/2684), Biostatistician (2630), Health Information Specialist I/II (2631/2632), Senior Health Information Specialist (2635), Nutritionist (2185), Occupational Therapist I/II (2301/2302), Occupational Therapist I/II CTP (2306/2307), Physical Therapist I/II CTP (2316/2317), Public Health Microbiologist Trainee (2120), Public Health Microbiologist I/II (2121/2122), Senior Client Support Specialist (2470).

The one-time payments will be subject to all applicable federal, state and local tax withholdings. The payments will not be included in wages for computations of overtime and benefits or for any other purpose.

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5.6 Comparison Agencies

Unless mutually agreed to, all classifications covered within bargaining unit 75, Health Professionals, shall utilize the following for comparable agency purposes:

Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Marin County, Napa County, Sacramento County, San Luis Obispo County, San Mateo County, and Solano County, shall all be included as comparable agencies.

Within seven days of ratification of this MOU, ESC shall add two agencies from the following list: Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, and Santa Clara County.

The benchmark market average will henceforth be determined by ascertaining the total compensation of each benchmark classification within each agency within the composite list of ten agencies then removing the agency with the highest and the agency with the lowest total compensation per benchmark classification.     

For purposes of understanding market data in applicable classification studies, the top-step salary of comparable job classifications within the composite list of ten agencies will be determined, then the agency showing the highest and the agency showing the lowest top-step salary will be removed from the calculation. At least four match classes must exist in the calculation in order to conclude there is sufficient market data.

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5.7 Classification and Compensation Review Committee

The parties agree that in preparation for the next contract negotiation only, that a committee will hold its first meeting no later than November 9, 2018 to review match classifications for the following benchmarks:

Job CodeClass Title
2683AODS Counselor II
2532Health Information Specialist II
2317Physical Therapist II CTP
2122Public Health Microbiologist II
2470Sr. Client Support Specialist

The committee shall consist of the following: the bargaining unit team shall include four (4) employees and one (1) Union Field Representative who is not an employee of the County. The County team shall consist of up to three (3) representatives from the County. The parties agree that the committee will meet no more than four (4) times, unless mutually agreed. Each meeting shall be scheduled for a minimum of four (4) hours which shall include Union release time. Nothing in this paragraph precludes the parties from discussing classifications and benchmarks during negotiations, and nothing precludes the parties from bringing data discussed during these meetings to negotiations.

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