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Weight Management

Health Habit 750

Red pepper with measuring tapeEat More, Weigh Less?
Have you tried to lose weight by cutting down the amount of food you eat? Do you still feel hungry and not satisfied after eating?

Living Lean - A Weight Management and Nutrition Program from your Employee Assistance Program
While other programs and products generally provide short-term, band-aid solutions, Living Lean treats the root emotional causes of your addictive behavior. Your 12-session program is delivered entirely via the Internet. You are taught the principles of the program with engaging multimedia movies and highly interactive feedback.

Body Weight Planner
Make a personalized calorie and physical activity plan to reach your goal weight within a specific time period and to maintain it afterwards. 

How to Use Fruits and Veggies to Manage Your Weight
Fruits and vegetables are part of a well-balanced and healthy eating plan. There are many different ways to lose or maintain a healthy weight

Kaiser’s Healthy Weight
Tips and tools to help you and your family maintain a healthy weight.

Lose Weight in a Healthy Way (PDF)
Keep the focus on fitness

Never give up
Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!

Follow these links for additional Weight Management Resources:  
Anthem Blue Cross Weight Management Resources

Kaiser Permanente Weight Management Resources

My green plate 200Choose My Plate

USDA's Tools and Tips for Healthy Eating. Calculators, Recipes, Menus, and More. 

Find the new food pyramid at


What's in that Beverage?

Choose Healthy Drinks
Drinking even one sugary drink per day may lead to obesity and diabetes.

Bubbling Over
This landmark study provides important scientific evidence of the direct contribution of sugar-sweetened beverages to California's $41 billion obesity epidemic. (California Center for Public Health Advocacy)

Making Flavored Waters at Home
Winning ideas to add interest and variety to your daily water intake