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Stress Management

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stressed looking young manStress has psychological and physiological effects on our overall well-being . . .

External factors contributing to stress include:

Major life changes
Financial problems
Relationship difficulties
Family and Work

Internal factors contributing to stress include:

Inability to accept uncertainty
Pessimism, Negative self-talk
Unrealistic expectations

    Tips To Manage Stress…

    Guided Imagery Programs
    Relaxation exercises designed to engage mind, body, and spirit.

    Living Easy
    Living Easy will help you transform your response to ongoing stressful situations in your life. It's about leading with the Self, so that you create calm where there was fear, fulfilling relationships where there was anger, and clarity where there was overwhelm.

    Manage Stress to protect your health (PDF)
    Ideas to help tame your stress

    Top 10 Stressful Life Events for Adults and Kids & Teens (PDF)
    Ways to cope so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

    Lance Armstrong Foundation
    Is all stress bad? Learn the level of stress in your life with the personal life events analysis.

    Suicide Prevention Resource Center or Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    Learn the warning signs and how to respond to take care of yourself and/or a loved one before it’s too late.

    The Stress Institute
    Education and experiential training and information in the areas of stress and work-life balance including topics such as Wellness and Aging, What is Mindfulness and Why Does it Matter, and more.