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Healthy Eating and Drinking

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Nutrition and healthy drinking information, recipes, videos, tips, and tools for a healthy you.

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USDA's Tools and Tips for Healthy Eating. Calculators, Recipes, Menus, and More. 

Find the new food pyramid at

What's in that Beverage?

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Drinking even one sugary drink per day may lead to obesity and diabetes. 

Making flavored waters at home
Winning ideas to add interest and variety to your daily water intake

Living Smart - Alcohol Control Program
Learn how to become an ex-drinker without feeling deprived and without missing it. Become excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities for your future. (EAP-Value Options)

What's for Dinner?

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American Heart Association's Nutrition Center
At the heart of good health is good nutrition. Recipes, pointers, dining out guide, and more. 

Choose Good Health: Choose Healthy Food (PDF)
Tips for college students including best bet snack ideas (Anthem BlueCross).

Live Healthy
A great place to start when you want to live healthier, but aren’t sure where to begin. Let this collection of practical tools, tips, and information be your guide. (Kaiser Permanente) 

Nutrition Lifestyle Improvement Program (PDF)
This online program provides tips, ideas and recipes that promote a healthy diet helping you get the most nutrition out of the foods you eat. (Anthem BlueCross)

Break up with Salt
Say NO to the higher risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and other health problems — not to mention the bloating and puffiness — linked to too much sodium. (American Heart Association)

10 Snack Tips for Parents
Snacks can help children get the nutrients needed to grow and maintain a healthy weight. 

16 Salt-Free Flavor Boosters — Put down the saltshaker. These 16 natural flavor enhancers will make you wonder why you ever used salt in the first place. (

What Are You Going to Eat? (PDF) — Tips to get the right nutritional balance and find additional resources (Anthem Blue Cross)