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Pilot Clean Commute Incentive Program

Icons of different modes of transportation

During the first round of Strategic Plan funding awards, the Board allocated $150,000 in funding to start a pilot Employee Incentive Program to encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation to commute to work.  Permanent County employees will be eligible for up to $40 per month if they ride the train, bus, carpool, bike or walk to work a certain number of days in a given period.

Watch the video to learn how the program works

Clean Commute Incentive Program Training Video

There will be two ways for employees to be eligible:

Option 1: Bus, Carpool, Bike and Walking

The County will provide a taxable, lump sum payment of $240 if an employee has taken the bus, carpooled, biked, or walked to work at least 48 days within a 6-month reporting period.  Those 48 days can be achieved through a combination of any of those modes.  Employees must use the Online Trip Tracker to log their bus, carpool, bike, and walk, trips in order to be eligible for this incentive.  Telework is not an eligible mode for this incentive.

The 6-month reporting periods for Option 1 are from January 1st through June 30th and July 1st through December 31st

Audits of the Bus, Carpool, Bike and Walking incentive will be conducted to ensure compliance with program requirements.

Option 2: My Commuter Check Purchases

The County will match purchases made through the County’s pre-tax commuter benefit platform, My Commuter Check, up to $40 per month.  This includes purchases of SMART passes, eCash, and other Clipper products. 

This is considered a pre-tax subsidy, as long as the total My Commuter Check purchase is below $250 per month.  This incentive cannot be combined with the Bus, Carpool, Bike, and Walk incentive, even if the mon thly match is below $40.   

Please see the Pre-Tax Benefit page for more information on your pre-tax transportation benefits and how to create an account and make purchases using My Commuter Check.  Keep in mind that monthly elections are due in advance by the 10th of the month for the following benefit month.  For instance, January 10th for February benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions