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Kaiser Permanente Hawaii for Retirees

Human Resources Benefits Unit 750

At Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, the spirit of aloha has shaped our daily actions and interactions since 1958. This mission continues today as we care for our 229,000 members at our 235-bed medical center in Honolulu, 18 outpatient clinics on the islands of Oahu, Hawaii, and Maui, and through independent primary care providers on Kauai, Lanai, and Molokai. Kaiser Permanente Hawaii is a $15 copay HMO.

Members in Hawaii receive services from more than 4,400 employees and more than 440 Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, Inc., physicians. All facilities are supported by our regional offices, located in Honolulu.

Hawaii families have trusted their care to Kaiser Permanente for over 50 years.  See for yourself how Kaiser Permanente Hawaii can help your family live longer, and healthier lives in the islands.

Customer Service and Group Number

For specific questions about benefits, you may call our Member Services at 800-966-5955.

Hawaii Permanente Group #: 03003 / 058

Medical Plan Summary

Plan Information Kaiser Permanente Hawaii HMO
Calendar Year DeductibleNone
Calendar Year Out of Pocket Maximum
(Including Deductibles, Co-pays, and Coinsurance)

Maximum per Member: $2,500
Maximum per Family of 2 or more:

Lifetime Maximum None
Dependent Children Eligibility Any Dependent Child under age 26. No age limit if disabled.


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Office Visit and Professional Services

ServiceKaiser Permanente Hawaii HMO
Physician & Specialist Office Visit$15 copay
Preventive Care Birth to Age 18No Charge
Preventive Care Adult routine CareNo Charge
Preventive Care Adult Routine OB/GYNNo Charge
Diagnostic Lab and X-ray10% Coinsurance
Physical Therapy (Medically necessary treatment only) $15 copay medically necessary treatment only
Mental Health & Substance Abuse (Outpatient)

$15 copay

 Hearing Aids60% Coinsurance every 36 months


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Surgical and Hospital Services 

ServiceKaiser Permanente Hawaii HMO
Inpatient Hospital and Physician Services$75 copay
Outpatient Surgery $15 copay
Maternity No Charge
Emergency Room $75 copay within Hawaii Service Area; 20% Coinsurance outside Hawaii Service Area
Mental Health & Substance Abuse (Inpatient) $75 copay
Skilled Nursing Facility No Charge.
Up to 120 days per benefit period


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Prescription Drugs

ServiceKaiser Permanente Hawaii HMO
Generic or Formulary Brand$15 copay; 30 day supply
Mail Order Benefit$30 copay: 90 day supply
Mandatory Mail OrderNo
Mandatory Generic ProgramNot available


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Service Area


Medical facilities

Medical offices
We own and operate 18 clinics in the Hawaii Region. Four are located on Hawaii, four are located on Maui, and the remaining 10 are located on Oahu.

Medical centers and hospitals
Moanalua Medical Center on Oahu is the only Kaiser Permanente–owned and operated medical center in Hawaii. We are affiliated with nine community hospitals:

• Hilo Medical Center — Hawaii

• Kona Community Hospital — Hawaii

• Lanai Community Hospital — Lanai

• Maui Memorial Medical Center — Maui

• Molokai General Hospital — Molokai

• North Hawaii Community Hospital — Hawaii

• Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital — Kauai

• West Kauai Medical Center — Kauai

• Wilcox Memorial Hospital — Kauai


Membership Benefits and Tools

Helpful Documents

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)

Member Handbook