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Commission on Human Rights

Statement Condemning The Separation of Immigrant Families at Our Border

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Resolution on Statement Condemning The Separation of Immigrant Families at Our Border - put forth by 5th District Commissioner Christopher Kerosky.

This resolution was passed by the Commission on Human Rights with a 10-1-1 vote on June 28, 2018.

THE SONOMA COUNTY COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS condemns the recent policy of the federal government to separate children from their immigrant parents when apprehended at the border of the United States. Many of these immigrants are seeking asylum from persecution and violence in their home countries.  In many cases, they are invoking their right to apply for asylum under the Refugee Act of 1980. The rights of these persons to seek asylum should be protected by our government as a signatory of the United Nations Convention Related to Refugees.

A policy which punishes those persons who seek refuge by depriving them of their children is inhumane, unjust and a violation of their human rights.

The Commission calls for the permanent cancellation of this policy and the return of those children who were separated from their parents as soon as possible. The Commission supports continued pressure on the federal government from local elected officials and civil society until such actions are taken.

The Commission further calls for our local governments to resist any policies that could lead to the separation of families in Sonoma County based on documentation status.

Moved and approved by a vote of the Commission on Tuesday, June 26, 2018.

J Kevin Jones