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Human Resources Department

Commission on Human Rights

Resolution In Support of the Protection of the Human and Constitutional Rights of All Members of the Sonoma County Community

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Resolution put forth by 2nd District Commissioner and Chair, J. Kevin Jones, Jr. Resolution passed on January 24, 2017 with a 11-1-1 vote. Commissioner Jones abstained as Chair, and one Commissioner was absent.

WHEREAS, the incoming Presidential administration and certain members of Congress have expressly stated an intent to pursue policies that could threaten the human rights and dignity of specific groups of people based on sexual orientation, religious beliefs, immigration status, gender, race, ability, economic status and similar characteristics; and

WHEREAS, discrimination on the basis of these characteristics raises clear concerns of being contrary to the Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of California which members of the Commission on Human Rights, along with other local government officials and agencies have sworn to uphold and protect; and

WHEREAS, we have witnessed an increasing sense of fear and distress among people living in Sonoma County as a direct result of discriminatory rhetoric and behavior occurring both during the Presidential campaign and since the election;

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that the Commission stands in support of individuals, organizations, and governing authorities and agencies who are taking action to ensure all community members in Sonoma County are safe here, and that their human and constitutional rights are respected;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED on this 24th Day of January, 2017, that the Commission encourages the Board of Supervisors and all Sonoma County and municipal governing authorities and law enforcement agencies, to affirm publicly their commitment to preserve and protect the human and constitutional rights of all community members, and their willingness to adopt policies as necessary that challenge any requests which would compromise those rights.