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Human Resources Department

Commission on Human Rights

Resolution in Recognition of Evette Minor

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WHEREAS, Evette Minor displays the true actions of a community leader with remarkable compassion for human rights for our marginalized communities in Sonoma County, including the Roseland community in Santa Rosa, CA; and

WHEREAS, Minor is an active community engager by leading groups such as United Women’s Group/Grupo de Mujeres Unidas, Santa Rosa Health Action Chapter, and serves as Vice Chair of the Measure O Oversight Committee of City of Santa Rosa and a member of the Santa Rosa General Plan Community Advisory Committee; and

WHEREAS, the numerous activities Minor leads and engages with include canvassing neighborhoods to provide information about COVID and vaccines to communities that did not have equitable access to such information, facilitating listening circles to hear what community members need and how to implement those programs or activities to make them happen, assisting with seeking affordable housing, assisting community members with finding permanent jobs, as well as with assisting those who need transportation and childcare; and

WHEREAS, Minor sees these projects through with her collaborative spirit with the city of Santa Rosa, community residents, elected officials, and all other stakeholders on creating sound policies that promote equity and honor the diversity of our community; and

WHEREAS, all of these actions described are done through Minor’s passion and care for the place she has called home for 25 or more years and the will to make her community a safe and welcoming home for all; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Sonoma County Commission on Human Rights hereby honors Evette Minor with the utmost gratitude and recognition, and conveys upon her the honorary title of Community Human Rights Champion.