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Human Resources Department

Commission on Human Rights

Resolution Condemning Sexual Abuse and Assault by Public Officials or Candidates Running for Office

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Resolution put forth by 5th District Commissioner Christopher Kerosky. Resolution passed with a 7-0-2 vote. Two Commissioners abstained and two were absent.

In Light Of, the recent disclosure of previously-recorded verbal comments by one of the candidates running for President of the United States which amounts to boasting about conduct considered sexual assault by the law; and


In Light Of, the fact numerous women have come forward to present their own testimonies of alleged incidents of abuse and even sexual assault, allegedly committed by said candidate; and


In Light Of, the fact that many other public officials or candidates for public office have also been charged in the past with exploitation and/or sexual abuse of others;


Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, the County of Sonoma Commission on Human Rights goes on record as condemning sexual abuse, sexual harassment or any inappropriate or unwanted touching of women or men as a violation of human rights.  Such conduct by a public official or a candidate for public office should never be condoned or tolerated.