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Commission on Human Rights

Resolution Calling for More Appropriate Sentencing in Cases of Sexual Assault

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Resolution put forth by 5th District Commissioner Christopher Kerosky, this resolution was in response to the six-month jail sentence Stanford swimmer Brock Turner received after sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. Resolution passed on October 25, 2016 with a 8-0-1 vote. Two Commissioners were absent.

In Light of, the public outrage after the lenient sentence imposed in the case of a Stanford student found guilty of sexually-assaulting a woman; and 

In Light Of, the fact the judge apparently considered the guilty perpetrator’s background, athletic and educational achievements as grounds for leniency;

Whereas, sexual violence causes lasting psychological and physical harm to the victims; and

Whereas, there is a need to reform our criminal justice system to reflect the gravity of sexual violence and the lasting harm it causes it victims; and

Whereas, criminal penalties for sexual violence ought to be applied evenhandedly, irrespective of the perpetrator’s race, background or education level:

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved that on this 25th Day of October, 2016 that the County of Sonoma Commission on Human Rights urges all judges to respect the seriousness of sexual assault crimes and impose punishments appropriate considering the harm caused to victims of such crimes and evenhandedly irrespective of the perpetrator’s race, background or education level.

Sexual assault is a severe violation of a fundamental human right and should be punished appropriately.