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Veterans Memorial Buildings Advisory Committee

Minutes - February 6, 2018

Veterans Buildings

Call to Order

Roll Call

Approval of December 5, 2017 Minutes

  • G. Marcinkowski made motion for approval with S. Kemmerle seconding.

Introduction of Guests - N/A

    Public Comments:

    • Deborah De Martini inquired about veteran rights for use of Veterans Memorial Buildings. Detailed accusations from unknown source of interference with meetings with Supervisor Gorin and suspected attempts to shutdown Sonoma VFW.
    • Tim Arensmeier inquired about last time committee members were appointed or reappointed to advisory committee. J. Scannell confirmed B. Stewart was appointed one year and a half ago. T. Arensmeier questioned validity of committee by referencing by-laws' requirement for committee members to be reappointed every two years. T. Leen confirmed further discussion will be provided in a different segment of the meeting.
    • Glenn Ross inquired about Petaluma VFW operating under expired license agreement and its status for its reinstatement.

    Old Business:

    • Brown Act Review: T. Leen discussed Brown Act and the subject of public comments. Suggested agenda item to limit public comments to three minutes.
    • Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Funds: T. Leen discussed policy for veterans group requesting TOT funding and recommended inquiring with Board of Supervisors for additional funds. R. Safreno confirmed funding associated with advertising. 
    • Veteran’s Use Policy: J. Scannell confirmed draft of Veteran’s Use Policy provided by AD-Hoc committee will be brought to Board of Supervisors for input. Intent of policy change is to establish that building reservation use fee will not be charged for use of Veterans buildings by Veterans organizations for events attended by the public when explicit purpose of events is for the benefit of veterans and their families. Equipment use fees, set-up/take down, and janitorial labor will be charged to the extent that these are applicable to a specific event.
    • F. Miller questioned set-up/take down by veterans groups and capabilities of veterans to set-up/take down.
    • J. Uniack expressed concern draft was not provided to the entire advisory committee for review before submitting it to the Board. J. Scannell confirmed Board input will be provided to Veterans Advisory Committee. T. Leen confirmed draft will be distributed and suggested a special meeting to discuss. E. Coleman confirmed discussion of draft policy by Veterans Advisory Committee is needed before submitting to the Board. T. Leen confirmed he will coordinate special meeting.
    • LAFCO presentation by Mark Bramfitt: N/A (speaker not in attendance.

    Correspondence: N/A

    Capital Projects Update by Bruce Oveson, Senior Capital Projects Manager:

    • Guerneville: M. Orme confirmed winter shelter is active. Discussed complications with food storage and where items are being stored.
    • Sonoma: M. Orme confirmed floors are in process of being completed. Test well is being investigated for possible installation. K. Lew confirmed General Services in process of reviewing design issues and scheduling installation start date.
    • Petaluma: Petaluma:  M. Orme obtaining quotes for replacing curtains. K. Lew confirmed in process of reviewing design issues and scheduling installation start date for kitchen remodel.
    • Cotati: M. Orme announced increases in rental activity. Water meter being moved to street.
    • Santa Rosa:L. Redfield announced roof project is complete. Front of building now accessible. 130 events occurring. Upcoming events Daily Events and Big Green Expo. Lighting fixed with additional installations intending for side of building. 
    • Sebastopol: Sebastopol: Anthony Wilson said bids placed for new landscapers needed by end of month. Upgraded size of garbage bin due to number of events. Outdoor lights installed with remaining to be replaced. Fixed phone hardware issues. Discussed the Saturday Morning breakfasts taking place.

    Building Reports by Michael Orme, Event Services Supervisor, and Eric Herrman, Building Superintendent:

    • Guerneville: M. Orme discussed start of winter shelter and issuance of keys. Events will proceed as normal. Free Dinners program will return. Individuals leaving garbage near building and bushes after events. J. Uniack recommended discussion about garbage with owners of Johnson Beach and hiring staff on a regular basis to monitor area.  J. Scannell stated solution needs to come from Supervisor Hopkins and how General Services cannot decide for community of Guerneville. B. Stewart recommended surveillance devices for capturing perpetrators.
    • Sonoma: M. Orme explained delay in floor project. Bookings doing well, but experiencing staffing shortage. E. Herrman confirmed needing full week when auditorium not in use for coordinating floor project.
    • Petaluma: M. Orme confirmed strong activity with film crews wanting to use building. Announced theft of POW, MIA, and State flag and flag lanyard. Replacement order made. Seating maintenance completed. E. Herrman discussed status and prioritizing preventative maintenance.
    • Cotati: M. Orme announced increase in bookings. Expressed concern for lack of veteran meetings on schedule and needing warnings for veterans meetings when scheduling maintenance projects. E. Herrman discussed irrigation issues.
    • Santa Rosa: E. Herrman discussed ADA improvements and challenges associated with maintenance. Discussed replacement of tiles and possible ceiling assessments.

    Auditorium & Building Status:

    ItemDescription Responsible Due
    Cotati Operator ReportB. Stewart confirmed building in good condition.  B. Stewart INFO
    Guerneville Operator ReportJ. Uniack provided update on winter shelter. Expressed concern for status of building conditions and its siding, stained ceiling tiles, and windows J. Uniack INFO
    Petaluma Operator ReportS. Kemmerle confirmed building in good condition. Inquired about benefits of updating ABC license.  S. Kemmerle INFO
    Santa Rosa Operator Report

    L. Nuñez asked about west side of building for ADA improvements. L. Redfield confirmed corrections being conducted to previous contractor work. L. Nuñez stated events are leaving behind nails and screws. L. Redfield announced sweeps being conducted using magnet on a pole picking to pick up them up in parking lot.  L. Nuñez requested kitchen and exterior paint improvements 

    L. Nuñez INFO
    Sebastopol Operator Report

    F. Miller commended efforts made by Sebastopol Center for the Arts. Described needed trimming adjustments for office door. Expressed concern for necessity of improving conditions of veteran’s buildings 

    F. Miller INFO
    Sonoma Operator Report T. Leen confirmed parking lot trees needing to be trimmed. 

    T. Leen

    Cloverdale Operator Report  Cloverdale building is in good condition. Recently completed winter cleanup. Current rise in activity for rentals and utilization of charging stations.  Announced veterans groups utilizing building setup and take down for events and pay fee for janitorial service after evented. Discussed needing to hire janitorial service for cleaning the building floors.  Obtained an additional trophy station. Implemented flag drop station for retiring American flags. Discussed participation of Citrus Fair and the utilization of the building’s parking lot. Revealed newly introduced Family Night. A. Delsid on behalf of G. Marcinkowski  


    New Business:

    • Glenn Ross requested computerized system for checking availability of events. Petaluma VFW 1929 has moved meetings to Saturdays. T. Leen agreed with necessity of online calendar to mitigate scheduling conflicts and build awareness for upcoming events.
    • T. Leen referenced Section 5c. stating reappointments every two years. J. Uniack detailed General Services’ responsibility for ensuring reappointments. E. Coleman confirmed County Administrators Office unable to find Board item ratifying adoption of committee by-laws. Committee members are appointed and serve at pleasure of the Board, but County’s operative procedure does not state members must be reappointed at specific schedule. Committee can make recommendation to General Services for presenting by-laws to Board or request specific finding that a two year appointment is necessary. Not reappointing every two years does not invalidate the committee. J. Uniack inquired about current website not having general information posted for the public. T. Leen recommended agenda item for discussing appointment of representatives. 



      Upcoming Events 
      •  L. Nuñez shared upcoming Valentine’s Day dance at Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building. F. Miller announced car show (date unknown) at Sebastopol Center for the Arts. J. Uniack desiring additional individuals for forming veterans group in Guerneville. B. Stewart confirmed Cotati moving monthly meeting to the second Saturday of every month. G. Marcinkowski announced full military honors for 100 year anniversary for decorated veteran. T. Leen detailed upcoming Memorial Day event.


      Motion to adjourn by R. Safreno, seconded L. Nuñez.  Adjourned

      Next Meeting: May 1, 2018, Petaluma Veterans Building