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Board of Supervisors Department

Mark West Citizens Advisory Council

Approved Minutes June 8 2020

  1. Call to Order: Chairman Molsberry called to order, the regular meeting of Mark West Citizens Advisory Council 6:00 pm.
    1. Roll Call: Councilmembers present: Brian Molsberry, Roni Berg, Tim Preston, Pete Lescure. Arrived after Roll Call: Brad Sherwood
    2. Approval of Minutes: On a motion by Councilmember Preston, seconded by Councilmember Berg, minutes of the regular MWCAC meeting, March 9, 2020, were approved. The motion carried on a voice vote (4-0).
  2. Ex Parte Communications:
    1. Councilmember Lescure wrote an Article in the Mark West Chamber newsletter regarding the Mark West Specific Plan.
  3. Standing Updates:
    1. Utility Updates: None
    2. Wikiup Updates: Tabled to next meeting; possibly till in-person meetings are resumed.
    3. Sonoma County General Plan: See the Lark (MW Chamber Newsletter). Councilmember Lescure’s article points readers to the MWCAC web page on the County website.
    4. MWCAC Logo Update: This subject is postponed until further notice due to COVID-19.
  4. Public Comments on non-Agendized Items: This time is set aside for comments from the public regarding matters of general Interest, not on the agenda, but related to MWCAC business. Pursuant to the Brown Act, however, the MWCAC cannot consider any issues or take action on any requests during this comment period. Each person is usually granted three minutes to speak. Time limitations are at the discretion of the Chair. None
  5. Correspondence:
    1. Emails from Michael Fargo on the agenda. Given that there were no attendees at the zoom meeting, neither email was read, only disclosed that they were received. It was decided to table any discussion to a future meeting.
    2. Councilmember Berg inquired about the outcome of the community alert sign that Eagle Scout Carl Frazee presented last meeting. General consensus was that they were looking for a location. She will follow up.
  6. Council Member Announcements and Disclosures: Information only. None
  7. Presentations, Other Than Referrals From PRMD: To proceed as follows: 1. Presentation 2. Questions by Councilmembers 3. Questions and comments from the public None
  8. Referrals From Sonoma County PRMD W/OUT Presentations Required: None
  9. Referrals From Sonoma County PRMD With Presentations: Action Item. Consideration of proposed projects will proceed as follows:
    1. Presentation by project applicant
    2. Questions by Councilmembers
    3. Questions and comments from the public
    4. Response by applicant, if required
    5. Comments by Councilmembers
    6. Resolution (Action) if indicated: None
  10. Subcommittee Reports and Discussions: Action if indicated
    1. NIFP Subcommittee: Council member Berg: Community Soils lost their design person. They are starting over, looking for a designer. The project is still approved for an NIFP grant.
    2. Franchise Account: Council member Berg announced the account will have $265,000 by June 30.
    3. Rebuild Subcommittee: Council member Sherwood: Sewer for Larkfield Estates is ahead of schedule. Also on task for pavement preservation project for much of Larkfield.
    4. CSD Subcommittee: None
  11. Other Reports: Discussion may follow: Action if indicated
    1. New Gmail account: It will be on our county web page, imbedded in “Contact Us”. It will also be put on future agendas, minutes, etc. The secretary will use it for inter-council communications. She will check that email regularly.
    2. Website: Councilmember Berg, Susan Sloan and Intern Ciara Frowick researched website designers. A research summary will be sent to the council members with the website committee’s selected designer before our next meeting. The new website we will have the gmail address and the capability for surveys, voting, posting pictures, dynamic community engagement, etc.
    3. Councilmember Berg reported that Ciara Frowick’s internship is over but that she is willing to help develop a Facebook page when we’re ready.
  12. Discussions: Action Items Action if indicated
    1. Wikiup Commons: Tabled to a future agenda. The community was promised an hour.
    2. Speed limit on Mark West Springs Road and Old Redwood Hwy: Tabled to a future agenda.
    3. Chairperson Molsberry mentioned that the Carlton Senior Living project is on hold till next year.
  13. Future Agenda Items: Potential future projects and suggestions for the next meeting.
    1. Logo for the MWCAC
    2. Facebook: Ciara Frowick
    3. Presentation on a Special Assessment Zone (CSD)
    4. Discussion on the speed limit on Mark West Springs and Old Redwood Hwy.
    5. Continued discussion on Wikiup Commons
    6. Report on progress of community alert sign

    A big thank you from the Council to Susan Sloan, Nicki Berrocal and Ross Walters for making the Zoom meeting possible.

  14. Adjournment: Action ItemThere being no other Council business to discuss, on a motion by Councilmember Berg, seconded by Councilmember Lescure, the meeting was adjourned at 6.25 pm.