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Adult Protective Services (APS)

All adults have the right to live in a healthy, safe home.

The Role of Sonoma County Adult
Protective Services (APS).
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Sadly, harm through emotional, physical, financial or sexual abuse and neglect, self-neglect, isolation, abandonment happens to older and dependent adults in Sonoma County.

These adults may live in in their own houses or apartments, or with someone else. They may be in hospitals, nursing homes or residential facilities.

Sonoma County's Adult Protective Services is mandated under Welfare and Institutions Code 15600 and is part of a statewide program of the California Department of Social Services.

How To Report

Report concerns about the well-being of an adult living at home:

APS Hotline
24 hours/day, (800) 667-0404, calls are confidential

Report concerns about an adult living in a nursing or residential care facility: 

Sonoma County Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
24 hours/day,  (707) 526-4108 or (800) 231-4024. Calls are confidential.
Learn more about the Ombudsman at Senior Advocacy Services.

APS Mandated Reporter Training

Some community professionals are required by law to report the observation, knowledge or reasonable suspicion of abuse to APS or law enforcement. They must call APS or law enforcement, then complete the appropriate online form: the SOC 341 (Suspected Abuse) or the 342 (Suspected financial abuse). Fax the form within two working days to (707) 565-5969.

Mandated reporters can learn how and what to report at free trainings offered at the APS office or on-site by calling (707) 565-5900.

Mandated reporters are defined by the Welfare and Institutions Codes as: "Any person who has assumed full or intermittent responsibility for care or custody of an elder or dependent adult, whether or not that person receives compensation, including administrators, supervisors, and any licensed staff of a public or a private facility that provides care or services for elder or dependent adults, or any elder or dependent adult care custodian, health practitioner… or a local law enforcement agency is a mandated reporter." 

Mandated reporters include all financial institution officers and employees. They must report suspected elder financial abuse by calling APS or local law enforcement agencies, then filing a 342 form.

What is Elder Abuse or Neglect?

Physical Abuse

The infliction of physical pain or injury, sexual assault or molestation, or use of physical or chemical restraints for punishment, without or beyond the scope of, a doctor's order. 


The failure to fulfill a caretaking duty, such as assisting in personal cleanliness, providing enough healthy food, clothing or shelter or protecting a person from health and safety hazards.

Financial Abuse

The illegal or unethical exploitation and/or use of an elder’s funds, property or other assets.


The desertion of an elder by someone who is a caregiver. 


The removal, without the consent of the senior’s conservator, of a senior to another state.


Preventing an elder from receiving mail, telephone calls or visitors.

Mental Suffering

The infliction of fear, agitation, confusion through threats, harassment or other forms of intimidating behavior.

If you have concerns about an older adult or disabled person of any age, call us. We can help.

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Adult Protection Hotline

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