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2021 Culvert Replacement Project

Project No. C21310

Project Description

The project involves removing and replacing 10 damaged cross-culverts, within the County ROW, located on multiple roads throughout the County. Headwalls, drainage inlets, and junction boxes will be installed. Existing pavement, striping and markings within pavement limits shown on plans will be replaced.

Contractor shall provide traffic control compliant with MUTCD, as necessary.

Contractor shall provide all materials and labor necessary to complete the work, including removal of damaged culvert trench spoils and debris, trucking of debris material to permanent disposal site(s), and construction o replacement culverts and other items including but not limited to rip rap, minor re-grading RSP, and dewatering.

In flowing conditions or where runoff is otherwise in potential contact with uncured trench backfill, the Contracto is to comply with the County standard dewatering/water bypass plan.

Contractor to determine staging locations, unless otherwise noted in Plan sheets.

Project Award Status

Bid Opening Date: 05/20/2021

Bid ResultsPostedBid Results
Bid TabulationPostedBid Tab
Notice of Intent to AwardPosted5/24/21 Notice of Intent to Award
Submitted Bid Books (ranked)Posted
 1Team Ghilotti Construction, Inc
 2Piazza Construction
 3Argonaut Construction
 4Basset Engineering
 5Diamond D Construction
 6Granite Construction
 7Ghilotti Construction
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