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Actions for September 7, 2021


Patricia Cullinan, First District

Stephanie McAllister, Second District

Bryan Much, Third District

Absent, Debra Watts, Fourth District

Vacant, Fifth District


Eric Gage, Planner III

Derik Michaelson, Planner III

John Leong, Engineer

Ivan Jimenez, County Counsel

Arielle Wright, Secretary


    Item No.:     1

               Time:     3:00 pm

                 File:     DRH21-0006

        Applicant:     Lowell Sheldon

               Staff:     Derik Michaelson

        Env. Doc:     Not applicable

         Proposal:     Request for Design Review with Hearing to the Landmarks Commission to allow for exterior      alterations to the Freestone Hotel located within a Historic District combining zone.  No new buildings at the site are proposed.

         Location:     306 Bohemian Highway, Sebastopol

               APN:     073-120-022

            District:     Fifth

            Zoning:     CR (Commercial Rural District), HD (Historic District), SR (Scenic Resources) and VOH (Valley Oak Habitat).  

             Action:     Not applicable.  Conceptual review only. 

Vote: Not Applicable

Commissioner Cullinan

Commissioner McAllister                                                                   

Commissioner Much             

Commissioner Watts             





  Item No.:     2

               Time:     3:30 pm

                 File:     Freestone Flat Road Bridge

        Applicant:     Dept. Transportation and Public Works

               Staff:     John Leong, DTPW

        Env. Doc:     Negative Declaration 

     Proposal:   Sonoma County Department of Transportation & Public Works (DTPW) proposes to replace the existing Freestone Flat Road Bridge over Salmon Creek, in the southwest portion of the County. The existing bridge would be replaced with a two-lane, cast-in-place prestressed concrete box-girder bridge supported on cast-in drilled hole piles at the abutments. The new bridge would be located parallel to and southeast of the exiting bridge-which would remain in service until the new bridge is complete, then disassembled and removed from the site.

         Location:     Freestone Flat Road

        APN:   Near 073-100-016, -088 & -065

            District:     Fifth

            Zoning:     RRD (Resources and Rural Development), B6 40 Acre Density, HD (Historic District), SR (Scenic Resource) and RC 200/25 (Riparian Corridor 200 ft/25 ft set back).

             Action:     Commissioner McAllister motioned to recommend that the applicant explore alternatives to the standard 26 foot-wide bridge and consider the prayer brick location to better fit in with the local rural character.  Seconded by Commission Much and passed with a 3-0-1-0 vote.


Commissioner Cullinan           Aye

Commissioner McAllister        Aye

Commissioner Much              Aye

Commissioner Watts              Absent

Ayes:               3

Noes:               0

Absent:            1

Abstain:           0


1.    Reports – Commissioners

2.    Report – Staff

3.    Process Improvements

4.   HRC request for joint update to “Researching the History of your Sonoma County Building” pamphlet.

5.   Mark West Family Burying Ground Historic Site discussion.  (Carol Eber)

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