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Historical Records Commission Minutes July 8, 2021

Members present:
Steven Lovejoy (Chair)
Eric Stanley (Vice-Chair)
Gretchen Emmert
John Murphey
Margaret Purser

Members excused:

Associate Members present:
Amanda King, Secretary
Deva Marie Proto, County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor-Registrar of Voters
Deborah Doyle, Library Commissioner (LC) Liaison to the HRC
Ann Hammond, Director, Sonoma County Library

Guests present:
Alec Escala, Records Management Analyst, California State Archives, Secretary of State
Anakaren Monroy, Records Management Consultant, CA Secretary of State, Archives Division
Denise Hill, Historical Society of Santa Rosa
Jon Ivy, Program Coordinator, CA Secretary of State, Archives Division
Karen G. Schneider, Library Commissioner, Santa Rosa and Sonoma County
Katherine J. Rinehart, co-chair of the Advocates for the Sonoma County Archives
Michael Von der Porten, Sonoma County Historical Society, Treasurer and Western Sonoma County Historical Society, Member

  1. Call to order 4:06 pm
  2. Introduction of Guests
  3. June 10, 2021 Minutes approved
    1. Motion by Margaret Purser
    2. Second by Eric Stanley
    3. Approved
    1. Budget Discussion
      1. Balance is $3,905.52
    2. Continuing Business
      1. HRC Commissioners Report
        1. Steve's report:
          • Two meetings with the State Archivist and several members of her staff about our own Archives and problems we’re having and looking for a long-term solution.
          • They have a regional history group at the State Archives involved with non-state records.
          • Was recommended counties to visit/to talk to about their Archives and how the services are being paid for.
        2. Gretchen's report:
          • Made it through the first half of the Counties looking for Records Commissions: Alpine, Fresno, Glenn, Los Angeles, and Mariposa have a website for each one and will explore more.  Mendocino might have had one but not sure if they have one now.
        3. Eric's report:
          • Museum is going to issue a letter regarding the Archives and support of its preservation within the next week or so.
          • Information on Museum material at the Archives is reported as fine, we are looking for a way to relocate it before they burn up.
          • Steve: has the museum been in contact with any county officials?
          • We are waiting to inquire what the possibilities are that will exist.
        4. Margaret's report:
          • Working with John on the How to Research Your Sonoma County Property pamphlet by dividing up chunks of the document and working on updating the table with contact information, which was dramatically out of date.
          • Working on other updates to the Pamphlet
        5. John's report:
          • We reached out to the Landmarks Commission to collaborate.  They would put the information on the next agenda, participation to revise the document. 
            • Steve: are you updating the methodology that was used and new resources?
          • Yes, our initial approach is to triage the different steps.  Initially updating the information and then what these institutions contain.  Then the next level would be new resources and ways to approach historical documents.  Would like to include the HRC in that later phase of the project.
          • I took upon myself to look at the Texas Historical County Commissions; each county has a designated historical commission who work with the county governments to cooperate on the archives.  The Texas State Library and Archives Commission will give me background information on how they established the statewide program of regional depositories. It may be something we can use for this project.
      2. Library Commissioner Report
        1. Update by Deborah Doyle:
          • I would like Ann to provide the update.
        2. Update by Ann Hammond:
          1. Library had a meeting today with Supervisor Coursey and senior Staff from the County.  The County is going to assume the lease for the facility that we researched and located, the Farm Bureau space near the Airport.  Should be effective as of August 1.
          2. Library has ordered the packaging materials for the items at Los Guilicos and arranged a mover.
          3. Turns out the materials are on backorder, so we are to receive them August 8.
          4. We contracted with Facilities by Design and they have been out twice to the Archives to look at the space.
          5. Everything will be packed and ready to move as soon as we can.
          6. Anticipate we will have everything moved by the end of August.
          7. Supervisor Coursey directed the County staff to look for a long-term solution immediately.
          8. Asked Library Staff as subject matter experts to work with them to find the right kind of space.
            1. Steve: Where is the building?
              1. I don’t have the actual address but it’s near the Airport, 5,200 square feet.
            2. Steve: There’s an additional 5,000 cubic feet in the Records Center, are they going to move those there too?
              1. No, they will not be moved.
            3. Steve: Are the cabinets able to be moved, they’re pretty tall?
            4. It looks like they will fit, we don’t have a final answer on that
        3. Update by Karen Schneider:
          1. Excited to hear the update from Ann and thank everyone involved in this process for moving this forward.
        4. Commissioner questions:  
          1. John: Does this represent all the materials at the current Archives?
            1. Ann: all the materials currently at Los Guilicos
          2. John: Can it be considered climate controlled?
            1. Ann: It’s clean, well lit, security, and climate controlled
          3. Steve: is there fire suppression?
            1. Ann: I’m not sure about sprinklers, would not be first choice for fire suppression.  WE will get an expert opinion about that for the right set up.
          4. John: Will this be open to the public or the same access?
            1. Ann: Access will remain the same through the Library. It is closer, easier to access.
          5. Steve: Is there any progress on making the Inventory that was done available to the public?
            1. Ann: Yes, it was just posted on the History & Genealogy website today ( https://sonomalibrary.org/sites/default/files/attachments/Calculations-for-archives-contents.pdf).
          6. Eric: How does it compare to the current space?
            1. Ann: it’s more.  I believe the current space is under 4,000.
          7. John: What type of budget item is being used for the lease?
            1. Ann: The County is paying that. 
          8. John: What is the term of the lease?
            1. Ann: it is currently a 2 year lease but the Farm Bureau is interested in extending it.
          9. Steve: What is the $140,000 for?
            1. Ann: it is for the 2 years lease for the space.
          10. Steve: how is the move being paid for?
            1. Ann: The Library Commission had previously allocated $137,000 for an outside inventory.  We conducted an in-house inventory instead, and are using those funds to pay for the move.
            2. Deva: The County Emergency Operations Center may be located in that same area.
          11. Steve: is the short term MOU in the works yet between the County and the Library?
            1. Ann: no not yet, we want to get through the move.
        5. Archives Activity Report
          1. See above
          2. Archives Task Force Report
            1. Secretary to remove from the Agenda
          3. Strategic Planning
            1. Postpone until more information is known about the Archives.
          4. Collections & Archives Recognition Awards
            1. Nominations
              • Update from Eric Stanley:
                • We have gotten a few casual nominations.  We got out a more formal Nomination form out to 10-11 Historical Societies.  We will see what we have by next meeting.
                • Eric to forward the Nomination Forms to the Heritage Network listserv.
              • Update from John Murphey:
                • Question about whether the institution can nominate themselves and I said yes.
              • Update from Steven Lovejoy:
                • Historical Society is about to begin advertising for the October luncheon again.
          5. Outreach
            1. Update on the 2004 HRC/Landmarks Commission Pamphlet, “ Researching the History of Your Sonoma County Building”:
              • See above Commissioner's report for Margaret and John.
            2. Other California County Historical Records Commission  
          6. New Business
            1. Discussion on HRC Meetings remaining Virtual or returning to the History & Genealogy Library
              1. All Commissioners would like to attend virtually until there is a meeting space available on a regular basis.
          7. Public Comment
            1. Michael Von der Porten:
              1. Mentioned article in Press Democrat headline about Ukiah building burning down
              2. Sonoma County Historical Society has moved copies of its journal going back 60 years online.  People at the History & Genealogy Library have been helping out and we appreciate that.  Sonoma State maintains the index to those journals.
              3. Healdsburg baseball team called the Healdsburg Prune Packers, celebrating their centennial this year.  Games run through August.
            2. Katherine Rinehart:
              1. Sonoma County Heritage Network Meeting, July 10, 2021, 10am to 12pm, Warnecke Ranch and Architectural Archives, Chalk Hill Road, Healdsburg. 
              2. In regards to the awards, please feel free to send out directly to the Heritage Network listserv.
              3. I am excited to see things moving forward with the Sonoma County Archives.  The Advocates are looking forward to working with you all.
            3. Jon Ivy: 
              1. We are with the CA State Archives, Local Government Records Program (LoCal), you may email LoCal@sos.ca.gov and website https://www.sos.ca.gov/archives/admin-programs/local-gov-program
              2. We are trying to get around to help build up efforts like yours.
            4. Library Commission meeting, July 12, 2021, 6pm, on ZOOM   
            5. Museum of Sonoma County Exhibits:
              1. 35: Thirty-Five Artists for Thirty-Five Years, beginning December 22, 2020-October 31, 2021: https://museumsc.org/35-exhibition/
              2. Go Big or Go Home: Taking Measure of Sonoma County's Past, May 1, 2021-Ongoing:  https://museumsc.org/go-big-or-go-home/
              3. The Portal Service, May 1, 2021-Ongoing:  https://museumsc.org/the-portal-service/
          8. Meeting adjourned at 4:48PM

          Next Meeting - August 12, 2021 - WebEx, 4:00PM

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