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Historical Records Commission Minutes October 13, 2020

Members present:
Joyce Sayed (Chair)  
Steven Lovejoy (Vice-Chair)
John Murphey                                            
Eric Stanley

Members excused:

Associate Members present:
Amanda King, Secretary

Guests present:
Sabrina Condon, Business Systems Analyst, Sonoma County Records Center
Deborah Lindley, Sonoma County Records Manager
Reece Foxen, Library Commissioner (LC) Liasion to HRC
Lynn Downey, Archivist
Deva Marie Proto, County Clerk-Recorder-Assessor-Registrar of Voters

  1. Call to order 4:02 pm
    1. August 11, 2020 Minutes approved
      1. Motion by Steven Lovejoy
      2. Second by Eric Stanley
      3. Approved                  
      4. September 8, 2020 Minutes approved
        1. Motion by Eric Stanley
        2. Second by John Murphey
        3. Approved
      5. Budget Discussion
        1. $4,292.00 balance
      6. Continuing Business
        1. Archives Activity
          1. Report by Reece Foxen, liaison to HRC from the Library Commission:
            1. No damage to Archives building, fire came close.  We are very fortunate that the Archives was not burned.
            2. On 10/2/20, a library staff member (building mechanic) briefly visited the site; saw ash and debris near air vent and doors where it filtered in.  No apparent damage.
            3. The County is currently conducting its assessment of damage on the entire Los Guilicos campus, both inside and outside, and arranging cleanup, with a focus first on human-occupied spaces.  The Library has recommended that the County make use of Belfor's specialized historical/cultural cleanup team for the County Archives.  (During this assessment, Library staff may not access the campus.)
            4. No plan in place at the time related to a Disaster Recovery.  Fire was moving too fast, they would not have been able to get anything out.
            5. Would like to use Measure Y monies that are left over after all COVID-related PPE and safety equipment has been purchased for Library and attempt to do an inventory.   
              1. Who are the owner of the materials? Looking like 90% belongs to the County.
              2. Once inventory is done, we will know what is most valuable and to be used for a Disaster Recovery Plan.
            6. Questions from the HRC Commissioners:
              1. Joyce: What is the time frame for getting the inventory done?
                1. Reece: Accountant must figure out
              2. Steve: What type of person will be doing inventory?  Internal or Outside agency?
                1. Reece: Not sure, hopefully outside agency.  That may change.
              3. Steve: Interested in knowing the details of the contract for Inventory and Rehousing of Archives.
                1. Reece: will check into the contract.
              4. Joyce: Is there a list of most valuable items available at all?
                1. Reece: No.
                2. Steve: When Katherine was the manager of the Annex, they do not have a good idea of what was microfilmed or digitized.  It is important to get the inventory and see what actually has a backup copy.                                            
          2. Library Commissioner Update
            1. Deborah Doyle appointed Chair of the Library Commission
            2. Reece Foxen, appointed by Cloverdale, has stepped down from the Chair role, providing the LC update.
            3. Questions from the HRC Commissioners:
              1. Steve: Hoping the Library commission would put this priority on moving the Archives.  Having a plan to remove items during a disaster is a bad plan, and we need to work on them moving out of that building.
              2. Joyce: What is the plan for replacing the History & Genealogy Library Manager? Interested because we are short a Historical Records Commissioner
                1. Reece will check on this
            4. Next Library Commission meeting: 1st Monday of the month, November 2, 2020 held on ZOOM.
            5. Some COVID protocols/changes to services:
              1. Library offers curbside pickup
              2. Library is working to get PPE installed and how it may be adjusted and moved around related to changing rules.
              3. Expanded the videos and technology part of the Library
              4. Virtual book clubs
              5. Story time on video
          3. Archives Task Force
            1. No update
            2. Strategic Planning
              1. John Murphey to send out updated Strategic Plan items 2-4
            3. Collections & Archives Recognition Awards
              1. No update
            4. Outreach
              1. October is Archives month.
          4. New Business
            1. Review scheduled HRC Meeting Day (currently 2nd Tuesday of the Month)
              1. Move to next month's agenda
              2. Secretary to send request to Commissioners on best day of the month for them.
            2. Public Comment
              1. Sonoma County Heritage Network Meeting, Disaster Preparedness and Recovery, October 17, 2020, 10am to 12pm on ZOOM
              2. 2020 Women's Suffrage Project Program and Events, www.socowomen2020.org
                1. Exhibit Openings:
                  1. Now through January 2021, Museum of Sonoma County, From Suffrage to #MeToo.  Avilable online: https://museumsc.org/suffrage-metoo
              3. Day of the Dead, opening October 22, 2020 to November 8, 2020 outside in the Garden space.
              4. Meeting adjourned at 4:58 pm

              Next meeting – November 10, 2020 - WebEx, 4:00pm

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