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Commission Meeting Minutes September 25 2019

Commissioners in Attendance:

First District: Howard Sapper (Officer-at-Large), Dmitra Smith (Vice Chair)
Second District: --
Third District: --
Fourth District: --
Fifth District: Tamara Murrell, Christopher Kerosky

Commissioners Absent:
Second District: Faith Ross, Zahyra Garcia

  1. Call to Order – Mission Statement – Introductions – Smith
    The meeting was called to order at 5:45pm.
  2. Approval of the September 25, 2019 Agenda – Smith
    Commissioner Sapper moved to approve the agenda as presented;  Commissioner Kerosky seconded. There was no discussion. 

    MOTION:      Commissioner Sapper
    SECOND:      Commissioner Kerosky

          Commissioners Sapper, Kerosky, Murrell
    ABSTENTION: Commissioner Smith (as Vice Chair)

  3. Approval of the June 24, 2019 Draft Minutes
    Commissioner Sapper moved to approve the June 24th minutes as presented (attached). Commissioner Murrell seconded. There was no discussion.

    MOTION:      Commissioner Sapper
    SECOND:      Commissioner Murrell

    IN FAVOR:      Commissioners Sapper, Kerosky, Murrell
    ABSTENTION: Commissioner Smith (as Vice Chair)

  4. Openings & Appointments – Smith
    Openings in 1st (1), 2nd (1), 3rd (3), 4th (3), and 5th (1)

    Vice-Chair Smith announced current openings.
  5. Public Comment on Non-Agendized Items – Smith – 15 Minutes
    Members of the public are invited to comment on items not on the agenda. Due to Brown Act restrictions, Commissioners will be able to ask clarifying questions but will not be able to take specific action until a future date, if and when the topic is added to a regular agenda.
  6. Regular Calendar – Smith – 90 Minutes
    1. Featured Speakers – Kerosky – 60 minutes

      Cristian Fertino, DACA recipient, UC Riverside graduate, immigration advocate and subject of the newest short film "Cristian’s Story" will speak following the screening (to be released on KRCB and PBS stations across the country this fall by My American Dreams).

      Professor Daniel Malpica, Sonoma State University Chicano and Latino Studies professor to speak about immigration developments from an academic perspective. 

      Liliana Gallelli, Immigration lawyer will present on changes in the law, especially asylum law and procedure affecting the refugees at the border.
    2. Administrative Items – Smith – 45 minutes
      1. Administrative responsibilities and support — Discussion and possible vote on restructuring commission meeting to six public and six working meetings per year — Commission voted unanimously to table discussion until next meeting to allow for additional Commissioners to be present.
      2. Vacancy analysis
      3. Officer nominations — Commissioner Smith reviewed officer vacancies. Commission voted unanimously to table election of officers to next meeting to allow for full complement of Commissioners to be present.
  7. Ad Hoc, Liaison, Project Updates – All – When Applicable – 15 Minutes
    1. Ad Hoc Committees
      • Immigrants’ Rights – Kerosky
      • LGBTQI – OPEN
      • Outreach – Ross, Sapper
      • People with Disabilities – Sapper 
    2. Liaisons & Projects
      • Homelessness liaisons – OPEN
      • Independent Office of Law Enforcement & Outreach liaisons – OPEN
      • Junior Commissioner Project – Smith
      • Legislative Affairs liaison – OPEN
      • Sonoma County Racial Justice liaison – Smith
  8. Commissioner Announcements / Communications with Supervisors / Tabling Opportunities – All – NONE
  9. Additional Agenda Items for Next Commission Meeting – NONE
  10. Adjournment
    Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm
    Minutes submitted by,

    Commissioner Tamara Murrell

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