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Sonoma County Policy and Planning to Address Homelessness

Since 2013, the Board of Supervisors has taken a particular interest homelessness. The Board has spearheaded pilot projects, appropriated local funds, and clarified policies. At the same time, federal requirements have evolved, compelling cities and counties to follow best practices.  Over the last year, the County has undertaken a redesign of its homeless system. The County the City of Santa Rosa have formed a joint Homeless System of Care Redesign Ad Hoc Committee.

See below for reports to the Board of Supervisors on Homeless System Redesign:

Homeless Policy Workshop - August 22, 2017 (PDF: 1.29 MB)

The Sonoma County Homeless System of Care: Best Practices for Maximizing Exits from Homelessness to Permanent Stable Housing - June 5, 2018 (PDF: 828 kB)

Sonoma County Homeless System of Care Leadership Plan - August 22, 2018 (PDF: 244 kB)