Health Habit

Be a Winner!

Complete a Total Health Assessment (THA)
for your chance to win up to $200!

Don't Miss Out!

1. Get your health screening
May 11th - May 26th

  • Hold onto your screening results
    You'll need them to complete your Total Health Assessment
  • Participants who attend a health screening can submit a raffle ticket at the screening for a chance to win $50
    • Win one of 15-$50 gift cards
    • All screening participants are eligible 

2. Complete your
Total Health Assessment (THA)
May 11th - June 19th

Kaiser Members' Total Health Assessment

Non-Kaiser Members' Total Health Assessment

  • No access codes required.
  • Look for Total Health Assessment (THA) not Healthy Lifestyle Program
  • Any Employee or Retiree of the County of Sonoma, and their dependents 18 yrs of age or older, can complete a THA

    Total Health Assessment (THA) Details

    The Total Health Assessment can help you understand how your behavior affects your health by asking you a series of questions about yourself and the way you live.

    Once you answer all of the questions, the program will use your answers to create a one-of-a-kind health improvement plan made just for you.

    Be sure to enter your health data (e.g. cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, etc.) for the most accurate and helpful results.  

    Completed your THA without your health data? Please update the assessment when your health data is available.

    • $2500 in gift cards
      will be raffled to
      employees of Sonoma County
      completing the assessment
      •   1-$200 gift card
      • 10-$100 gift cards
      • 26-$  50 gift cards
    • Complete your Total Health Assessment between
      May 11 and June 19, 2016, to be eligible
      • Winners will be notified by the end of June 2016

      Kaiser Members-How to find your health data on-line

      Didn't attend a screening or lost your data? Find your health data on-line to complete the assessment: 

      1. Go to and sign in using the “Member Sign In” Box. Health data only available to Kaiser members.
      2. Need a new account?
      3. Once logged on, click on the “my health manager” link along the top menu bar
      4. Then click on the “my medical record” link
      5. On the left hand side of the “my medical record” page, click on  “download my health summary”
      6. From here you can preview or download a copy of your health summary, which will include your health data from your medical record

      Not a Kaiser member and lost your health data or didn't attend a health screening? Ask your healthcare provider.

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