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New Supplemental Labeling for GF-120 NF Naturalyte® Fruit Fly Bait

Published:  June 24, 2013

New labeling has been registered for GF-120 NF Naturalyte® Fruit Fly Bait (GF-120). The new labeling allows GF-120 to be used on additional commodities not previously included on the label. The new labeling allows use on any tree, fruit, nut, vine, vegetable or food crop, and ornamentals.

GF-120 has been used for treating olive trees for Olive Fruit Fly. However, olive trees were not listed on GF-120 label, so growers and olive tree owners could only apply it under a Section 18 label. This included obtaining a Private Applicator Certificate, a Restricted Materials Permit, and submitting Notices of Intent prior to applying the product.

Commercial olive growers (that sell fruit or oil) are required to have an Operator Identification Number and report use of the product monthly.

Non-commercial growers (who do not sell the fruit or oil) are not required to obtain an Operator Identification Number or report use of the product.

Growers who currently have product with the old labeling may obtain a copy of the supplemental label from their pesticide dealer or you can download a copy of the supplemental labeling at http://www.cdms.net/ldat/ld67P008.pdf. All growers are required to have this supplemental label on-hand while applying the GF-120.


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