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Road Signs

Design & Placement

Road Signs on Sonoma County roads conform to the California Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), which all municipalities within the state of California are required by law to follow.

See also: Sonoma County Construction Standards

Requests for New Signs

Requests for new signs or sign modifications must be reviewed by Traffic Engineering staff. We do not install personalized or customized road signs, or any road signs that do not conform to Caltrans standards.

Maintenance & Repairs

The County owns and maintains over 18,000 street signs County-wide. These can be subject to collisions, vandalism, obstruction by vegetation, loss of reflectivity, or other forms of damage. While our crews do regular road sign inspections and maintenance, limited staff means that you might spot a damaged sign before we do.

To report a damaged sign, please contact our Road Maintenance Division at (707) 565-5100.

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