Roadway Hazards

Let us Know Right Away

As our crews cannot monitor the entire road system simultaneously, we encourage citizens to report hazardous conditions whenever they are seen. This helps us respond to incidents as quickly as possible.

Reporting a Dangerous Situation

To report a dangerous situation, such as a tree down across a road or a road inundated with water, please call us right away:

During Business Hours:

Road Maintenance at (707) 565-5100.

During Off Hours:

Sheriff's Office at (707) 565-2121.

    Types of Hazards

    Fallen Trees & Power Poles

    During high winds, trees and power poles can fall and obstruct the road. These obstructions can usually be removed within a few hours.


    Some roads may flood during periods of high rainfall. In some cases flooding cannot be removed, and the only option is to wait for excess water to flow away or dry up. However, these incidents should be reported so warnings can be posted.

    Mud, Rocks & Landslides

    Mud, rocks, and other debris can slide onto the roadway, especially during heavy storms, causing slippery and otherwise hazardous driving conditions. Please do not hesitate to report these hazards, as they can usually be cleared up within a few hours.


    A "slipout" occurs when the road base becomes unstable, usually due to soil saturation during a rainstorm, and a section of pavement slips out and slides down the adjoining hillside. Slipout damage can be very severe and may require extensive construction to repair.

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