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Pavement Repair

Why so many pot holes?

At about 2,700 lane miles, the road system of unincorporated Sonoma County is one of the most expansive in the Greater Bay Area. Sonoma County also happens to be one of the more sparsely-populated municipalities in the region. This means that the amount of revenue generated for road repair in Sonoma County is below average for the amount of roadway. And for this reason, pot holes are a common occurrence.

Report Pavement Damage

You can report non-emergency road issues (such as potholes, broken signs, overgrown vegetation, etc.) using SoCo Report It, Sonoma County's application for submitting service requests.

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About SoCo Report It

SoCo Report it allows County of Sonoma residents, businesses and visitors the ability to report and track non-emergency issues in the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. 

To report issues in areas not serviced by the County of Sonoma, please contact the appropriate Local Government Agency.

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    Call to Report Hazards

    As our crews cannot monitor the entire road system simultaneously, we encourage citizens to report hazardous conditions whenever they are seen. This helps us respond to incidents as quickly as possible.

    Reporting a Dangerous Situation

    To report a dangerous situation, such as a tree down across a road or a road inundated with water, please call us right away:

    During Business Hours:

    Road Maintenance at (707) 565-5100.

    During Off Hours:

    Sheriff's Office at (707) 565-2121.

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    SoCo Report It

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    Report it App

    Report and track non-emergency issues in unincorporated areas of Sonoma County.